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Audubon Rockies, the regional office of the National Audubon Society, has an opening position for a Range Ecologist/Range Specialist located in Colorado to support their engagement with Audubon’s Conservation Ranching Program (ACR). This exceptional opportunity will assist Audubon in networking and certifying some of the most conservation-based ranches throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and Montana by expanding our bird-friendly ranching initiative and certification. The position will be full time; the duration of the position is for 2 years, ranging from $40,000 to $44,000 per year, depending on experience. Duties include assisting the Conservation Ranching Lead in ranch certification and communication, conservation project identification and implementation, developing avian habitat management plans; documenting and advising on the implementation of conservation actions; planning and conducting avian surveys, soil surveys and vegetation sampling, as well as numerous other wildlife surveys; scientific database management, including utilization of GIS; and report writing and mapping. This role will provide a broad range of experiences with a wide variety of audiences and disciplines, and includes routine travel both in state and out of state for ranch visits and wildlife surveys in remote areas. Field work frequently requires long/irregular hours and some weekends. This role will a provide broad experience with a wide variety of audiences and disciplines, and includes routine out-of-state travel for ranch visits and wildlife surveys (often early-morning or nocturnal) in remote areas. Fieldwork frequently requires long and/or irregular hours and some weekends in potentially adverse and fluctuating weather conditions. The position will remain open until filled, but applications will be processed immediately. To apply, please send a cover letter highlighting your qualifications and experience in range management and avian identification/ecology and a resume to
• A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in rangeland ecology, wildlife management or biology, natural resource management, or a related field. • Knowledge of beef supply chains and value-added certifications is helpful. • Conservation, restoration, or mitigation project experience. • Demonstrated confidence in avian identification skills (visual and sound). Familiarity with IMBCR protocols, vegetation identification and sampling methods, soil sampling methodology, diverse wildlife survey experience, and working knowledge of grassland ecology and habitat management is preferred. • Knowledge and appreciation of the ranching culture, range management issues, and sustainable ranching practices; must also possess excellent listening and oral communication skills and interact positively with diverse audiences. • An operating knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS and demonstrated, strong writing skills. • An overall dedication to excellence, high integrity, strong organization and problem-solving skills, a flexible ability to work both independently and with a team, and solid navigation skills using paper maps, spatial software, and a GPS. • Must possess a valid driver’s license and maintain a clean driving record for safe operation of four-wheel drive trucks, and have the ability to walk long distances on uneven terrain, drive on unpaved surfaces, and lift up to 50 lbs.
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Dusty Downey, Conservation Ranching Lead
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