Autumn Forestry Equipment Operator: Cimarron, NM

Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron, NM
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$1345/mo, Room and Board Included
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
POSITION CONCEPT The Forestry Equipment Crew Staff, under the direction of the Crew Foreman, implements plans for skidding, yarding and milling operations as part of larger thinning projects. Their operations are intended to restore the structure and species composition of Philmont’s forests and create defensible space around the ranch’s infrastructure investments. The crew is generally deployed to the same location for several work runs in a row. They operate chainsaws, brush cutters, tractors, and wood chippers. They prepare brush piles for off-season burning and process larger logs for internal use as lumber and firewood. PHILMONT REQUIREMENTS • Be 18 years of age or older by the time of employment • Be able to hike to remote worksites, carrying loads up to 60 pounds • Be prepared for strenuous workdays that include hiking and working on rough terrain, in all weather conditions, for up to 12 hours • Be prepared to spend up to 9 consecutive nights per work hitch in undeveloped backcountry campsites • Meet the BSA height/weight requirements for high-adventure activities • Provide a completed Annual Health and Medical Record upon arrival at Philmont • Exemplify the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures described in the Philmont Staff Guidebook and presented during staff training • Maintain a clean and approachable look, adhering to the standards for personal appearance described in the Philmont Staff Guidebook • Maintain a friendly, helpful, and respectful attitude while providing extraordinary customer service to Philmont’s participants, visitors, and employees • Become familiar with all the materials supplied prior to the camping season • Become familiar with all pertinent Philmont policies and procedures DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Be constantly alert to the welfare and safety of scouts, advisors, coworkers, and anyone else in the vicinity of your worksite. Demonstrate good situational awareness. • Be an active participant during Conservation Training. Remain engaged, ask questions, and volunteer to help as needed. • Be a good team member, sharing the site management responsibilities with your coworkers. • Become an expert in the safe and proper use of provided hand and power tools, as well as any other equipment you are assigned to use. • Properly maintain your crew’s tools and equipment to the standards of the Philmont Conservation Department. • Become proficient in the use of forestry measurement tools. • Maintain clean and organized campsites while deployed in the backcountry, following the procedures in the Philmont Ranger Field Book. • Know and use appropriate safety measures, including the use of personal protective equipment and safe working practices. • Enthusiastically carry out the mission of Philmont Scout Ranch by completing other duties as assigned by any member of the Conservation Leadership Team or other Philmont Managers. TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES The Forestry Equipment Crew Staff participate in specialized training to operate equipment specific to their jobs. They also complete up to eight days of Conservation Department Training, followed by four days of chainsaw training. Opportunities may arise throughout the summer for on-the-job training in advanced chainsaw skills, rigging, heavy equipment operation, or other advanced skills. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Philmont Scout Ranch: Seasonal Employment Opportunities: Individual Treks: Conservation:
DESIRED EXPERIENCE Forestry Equipment Staff are expected to have a working knowledge of forestry principles and measurements, experience operating power tools and equipment, and some leadership experience. This level of experience could have been gained through education, employment in the Conservation Department, or other work and volunteer opportunities. Participating in one of the Philmont Conservation Department’s individual treks (ROCS, OATC, TCT, STEM) is an excellent way for youth to start gaining this experience early.
Contact Person
Lee Hughes Director of Conservation
Contact Phone
(575) 376-2281
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