Avian Ecology Field Technicians – North Carolina

University of Georgia
Otto, North Carolina
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
1,300-1,600 DOE
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Field Technicians(2-3) - The Chandler Applied Ecology Lab is looking for 4 dedicated and energetic field techs to assist in studying distributional range limits of cool-adapted bird species (Canada warbler, black-throated blue warbler, et al.) in the mountains of North Carolina. This is a NSF funded project and is the continuation of 2 long term studies of songbirds in the Nantahala National Forest, NC. Field work requires attention to detail, the ability to work long hours in difficult terrain, in aggressive vegetation, and in inclement weather. A typical field day will be from 5am-3pm (variable) and will consist of constant effort mist-netting, point-counting, target netting, nest searching, territory mapping, and carrying out various field experiments. Occasionally technicians will be asked to assist with sampling lepidoptera larvae. Weeks are typically 6 days on and 1 day off. Shared housing is provided along with a stipend of $1300-$1600 depending on experience. We are looking for a team of people who are enthusiastic about working outdoors all day long. Applicants must be sure they can live and work in close quarters all for several months, including with people who are not part of this project. We work hard but we generally have a good time doing it and endeavor to help our technicians have a good time too!
Required: Experience searching for nests, preferably for species with different strategies (ground and open cup shrub nesters), ability to identify eastern montane bird species by both sight and sound, experience handling small passerines, and resighting small color-banded birds. Preferred: Small passerine banding experience, handling nestlings, mist-net setup/take down, a desire to learn multiple skills in avian field ecology. Experience in managing and entering data is a plus. To apply: Send a cover letter, resume or CV, and a list of references (with contact info) as a single PDF to Cardellina.canadensis AT gmail.com.
Contact Person
Sam Merker and Ryan Chitwood
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