Avian Point Count Technicians: Pennsylvania

Indiana Univ. of PA & SUNY-ESF
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
500-550/week DOE
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Last Date to Apply
AVIAN POINT COUNT TECHNICIANS/FIELD ASSISTANTS (5-7 positions) needed early May – early July 2021 to monitor forest and shrubland bird response to forest management on large blocks of public land in Pennsylvania. Surveys will consist of early morning point-counts scattered throughout mountainous terrain. Golden-winged Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, and Wood Thrush are the primary focus of our surveys, however technicians must be able to identify (using visual and auditory cues) all birds encountered during surveys. Technicians will also conduct vegetation surveys which involve identifying shrubs and saplings and quantifying several aspects of forest structure. Other tasks will involve entering data into a computer daily and assisting with additional field related activities as needed (e.g., radio-telemetry). Housing with 2-5 other technicians, field vehicles, and fuel will be provided. Strong applicants will know most eastern forest birds by song, have a passion for spending early mornings (and potentially some late evenings) in the field, be physically fit and capable of working in a rugged forested setting (with insects, snakes, poison ivy, etc.). Although technicians coordinate activities in teams, avian surveys are conducted alone, and technicians must be prepared to occasionally walk up to ~1 km to survey locations. The ability to communicate with public land managers, navigate using a GPS, and work well in teams is important, though some basic training can be provided. Individuals seeking a challenging yet rewarding field position are encouraged to apply via the information below. To apply: Please send in a single pdf document: 1) Brief letter of interest 2) Contact information for two references 3) Resume to Cameron Fiss: cafiss@esf.edu
-Must possess a valid driver's license -Ability to identify eastern forest birds by sight and sound -Ability to hike several kilometers each day through rugged terrain -GPS, map reading, and orienteering skills -Strong work ethic and ability to communicate effectively with private landowners -Positive attitude, friendly disposition, and willing to live in close quarters with several other technicians
Contact Person
Cameron Fiss
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