Avian Research Technician – Oahu, Hawaii

University of Wyoming
Oahu, Hawaii
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$1000 per month plus housing and access to field vehicles
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
We are currently seeking technicians (2 positions) to assist with research of introduced birds in Hawaiian forests and their impacts on seed dispersal processes. Specifically, we are conducting experiments with captive birds on Oahu to determine the effect of avian gut passage on seed viability and germination for native and non-native fruiting plants. Primary duties will include (1) netting birds (songbirds, doves, and game birds), including bird banding and taking morphological measurements, (2) plant identification and collection of fruits from forested field sites with steep terrain, (3) care of captive birds, and (4) conducting experiments with captive birds, which will involve offering birds fruits, identifying passed seeds under a microscope, planting seeds, and monitoring seeds for germination. This research is part of the Hawaii VINE Project, a collaborative investigation of seed dispersal in novel forests of Hawaii. The duration of the position is May 1st to July 31st, 2021. Shared-room housing will be provided, in addition to vehicle access during non-work hours. We are unable to cover expenses for travel to and from Oahu. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges for conducting fieldwork, and we will take appropriate measures to reduce risks and improve the safety of our research staff. This will likely include, at a minimum, a mandatory quarantine period before arrival to Oahu and required mask-wearing during certain activities.
A bachelor’s degree in biology, natural resources, wildlife management, botany, ecology or a related field is required. Additionally, applicants MUST have completed at least two previous research positions that primarily focussed on mist-netting and bird banding. Further, preference will be given to applicants with previous experience in captive bird care, greenhouse work, and plant identification. To apply, please send a cover letter, C.V., and contact information for three references (in a single PDF document) to sam.case.hawaii@gmail.com
Contact Person
Sam Case (pronouns: he/him/his)
Contact eMail
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