Avian/RiparianVegetation Ecology Graduate Assistantship-South Dakota

University of South Dakota
Vermillion, South Dakota
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Graduate Assistantships
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We are looking for a graduate student (PhD applicants preferred, but highly qualified MS applicants will be considered) for a project examining functional habitat values of riparian vegetation on sandbars formed after the 2011 Missouri River flood, including use by breeding (abundance, diversity, nesting success) and migratory (abundance, diversity, stopover biology) land birds. The student will likely be co-advised by David Swanson (avian ecologist) and Mark Dixon (landscape/riparian vegetation ecologist), both in the Biology Department at the University of South Dakota. There is also a second graduate assistantship available for a student examining sandbar development, including both vegetation and geomorphic dynamics (wind, water). The project is being conducted along the Missouri National Recreational River in southeastern South Dakota and is funded by a grant from the National Park Service. Up to two full academic years and three summers of RA support will be available for each student, with additional support provided through Teaching Assistantships or graduate fellowships. Students will enroll either in the graduate program in Biology (http://www.usd.edu/arts-and-sciences/biology) or the new (pending approval) graduate program in Sustainability (http://www.usd.edu/arts-and-sciences/sustainability) at the University of South Dakota (http://www.usd.edu/). Preferred start date is May/June 2018 (for field work) or earlier, with enrollment in the graduate program by Fall 2018 (August).
Interested applicants for this graduate student position should email me (Mark.Dixon@usd.edu) with the following information: • A short letter of interest, describing your qualifications, research experiences, interests, and career goals. • CV or resume with GPA and GRE scores • A list of at least 3 professional references who we may contact Feel free to contact either of us (Mark.Dixon@usd.edu, David.Swanson@usd.edu) if you have questions about the positions, the project, or the university. Both faculty are members of the Missouri River Institute (http://www.usd.edu/missouri-river-institute) at the University of South Dakota
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Mark Dixon
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