Bat acuostical monitoring Internship – Yosemite – California

Yosemite National Park, based out of Hodgdon Meadows.
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This internship entails working with another wildlife intern to do walking acoustical monitoring of bats with the public. This is considered a citizen science project. We use sonobat live tour to capture and identify the acoustic calls of the bats at 4 sites. Hodgdon (5,000ft) Crane Flat (6,000ft), Tamarack Flat (7,000 ft), and White Wolf (8,000 ft). Each Intern is responsible for learning the technical side of operating the equipment as well as the educational side of leading the interpretive portion of the nightly transects. These files are then analyzed further through Sonobat 4.2 to produce the final results. We are creating the baseline data for these locations through our weekly transects of each location. This position comes with a shared campsite in the Hodgdon Campground in Yosemite. Showers and laundry are available in the staff housing area. I have a tent and camp chair I can lend out for the duration. Currently I have 2 interns doing the project, but 1 is heading back to school Aug. 9th. this advertisement is to back fill after he leaves (hopefully with a couple of days of cross over)
Applicants should have an interest in both the wildlife science part and the interpretation portion of this project. This program has been very successful thus far at collecting valid data and involving the public in science in the park. Our goal is to capture the baseline data, recognize changes, while helping the visitors value bats, understand the current threats and issues concerning bats, and to understand the importance of setting aside these big protected areas of land.
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Lisa Murphy
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(831)227-8923 / (209) 372-0346
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