Bat Biologist/Rota Island Biologist – Northern Mariana Islands

CNMI Division of Fish and Wildlife
Rota, Northern Mariana Islands
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The Rota Biologist oversees CNMI Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) wildlife conservation activities and the satellite office on the island of Rota, including research, management, and administrative activities. This biologist leads DFW's Mariana fruit bat conservation program. The primary place of work is Rota, including supervision of 2-4 staff. Conservation work on other islands is periodically required. Duties include:
-Assist in development of a comprehensive Rota conservation and management program; oversee implementation.
-Lead DFW's Mariana fruit bat conservation projects.
-Design, implement, and monitor projects with research, management, and outreach components to benefit wildlife and habitats.
-Develop and evaluate wildlife and habitat monitoring protocols that meet accepted scientific standards.
-Analyze and interpret data and summarize results in reports and scientific publications.
-Write proposals and reports for federal WSFR and other grants that fund conservation projects.
-Ensure Rota office space, equipment, and supplies meet DFW needs, and conduct procurement as needed.
-Supervise 2-4 Rota-based DFW wildlife staff, and ensure staff has the necessary support to complete projects.
-Represent DFW on Rota; address the needs and concerns of diverse stakeholders professionally and diplomatically.

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is a U.S. Territory. Rota is the southernmost island of the CNMI with flights daily to Saipan, where the CNMI central government is located, and Guam, a separate U.S. Territory. The island of Rota has a population of ~2,000 people. The island is known for its spectacular natural beauty and cultural resources. The National Park Service is currently conducting a feasibility study for inclusion of parts of Rota in the U.S. national park system.
-Minimum of a bachelor's degree in biology, ecology, natural resources management, or a related field required; master's degree preferred.
-Three years' experience conducting wildlife research or management.
-Experience working with or handling bats.
-Willingness to commit to a minimum of 3 years employment with DFW.
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Jill Liske-Clark
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