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COURSE DESCRIPTION: The conservation of endangered bat species requires an understanding of their unique physiological ecology. Understanding the suite of adaptations that enable bats to occupy their niche provides valuable insight into their demographics, which is a central component of any effective management strategy. This course introduces students to these fascinating and complex mammals. In addition to learning about bat phylogenetics, anatomy, and physiology, which in turn informs their life history and the ecological roles they perform within ecosystems, the course also covers the major threats to bats, basic concepts and protocols for monitoring bat populations in temperate regions, and current strategies for population stabilization and recovery. FORMAT: Students will take the course at their own pace over a four-week period. The course is divided into six discrete modules that consist of prerecorded lectures, video demonstrations, readings, assignments, and guided discussions. Student interaction and instructor feedback will be provided in the form of email, online discussion forums, and live discussion. DATES: April 3-30, 2023 PRIMARY INSTRUCTOR: Dr. D. Scott Reynolds COST: Early bird course fee (ends March 5): $550 professional / $450 student Regular course fee (after March 5): $600 professional / $500 student ESA and TWS Continuing Education Credit: included for FREE
PREREQUISITES: Introductory knowledge in Biology is required. Pre-existing knowledge of comparative anatomy and physiology is preferred but not necessary.
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