Bat Radiotracking Technician, Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Grand Junction, CO
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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This project is a two-year assessment to determine where arid climate bats such as those commonly found on the Colorado Plateau, including Colorado National Monument (COLM), migrate to overwinter and whether they are roosting in conditions that may promote transmission of Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd), the fungus that causes white nose syndrome (WNS). The project will involve capture and tagging of multiple bat species in COLM in late summer and early autumn with relocation via telemetry in early winter. Knowledge of the location and winter roosting habits will be the basis for understanding whether these bats may be at risk of disease transmission from other bats in two ways. It will provide insight into roost microclimates that determine if growth of Pd is viable and will reveal if bats roost as individuals or colonially which could affect rates of spread. This position will assist the principal investigator and work closely with an intern to determine roost locations and collect site data.
Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology or related field preferred. Applicants with strong radiotracking and backcountry navigation skills in areas composed of rough topography and exposure are highly desirable. Previous experience handling bats is helpful. A valid driver’s license and ability to drive on rough, two-track roads is a necessity. Willingness to work irregular hours and long days during inclement weather conditions, in remote and rugged locations is required. Please send a cover letter explaining why your skills make you a good fit for this position, a resume, and three references to: .
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Dan Neubaum
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