Bat Research Assistant: Texas

Texas A&M University
College Station
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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We are seeking a full-time temporary Research Assistant (3 months) for a integrative disease management project trialing white-nose syndrome treatments at culvert hibernacula. Duties include: Assisting with all aspects of fieldwork (including surveys of culverts for bats, collection of biological samples from substrate and bats, and application of White-nose Syndrome chemical treatments to culverts), regular visits to field sites to implement and maintain acoustic equipment, processing of acoustic data using Sonobat software, data collation and production of basic reports, tables and figures of acoustic data. Occasional duties include field truck maintenance, shipping samples, disposal of chemicals, equipment inventory and organization, and any other related duties as assigned.
Required Education and Experience: Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution in the following fields of study: Wildlife, ecology, biology, or similar. No prior experience required. Preferred Education and Experience: Master of Science from an accredited institution in the following fields of study: Wildlife, ecology, biology, or similar. Experience with collecting and processing acoustic data, particularly using Sonobat software. Experience working with and handling bats or other small mammals. Required Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Experience with handling large data sets, use of Microsoft Excel for collating data and producing simple figures. Good computer and communication skills. Experience conducting fieldwork under supervision, especially in adverse field conditions. Preferred Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Experience driving 4x4 vehicles. Preferred licenses or certifications: Active rabies vaccination (with recent proof of titer). Other requirements or other factors: Ability to work in dark, cramped, and wet spaces where wildlife is present. Ability to lift 30lbs. Ability to travel through culverts approximately 5 feet tall and over 300 feet in length by crouching and crawling. Personal computer required. For more information and to apply, please visit
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