Bat Technician Internship-Belize

Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society
T.R.E.E.S Research Center, Stann Creek District, Belize
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This internship focuses primarily on bat sampling techniques, including acoustic monitoring, bat extractions from mist nets, and proper handling techniques. Interns will receive formal training from on-site professional biologists and in addition to working with bats will also have an opportunity to learn how to conduct other wildlife sampling techniques including possibly bird banding, turtle radio-telemetry, remote camera trapping, and amphibian/reptile surveying and monitoring. There are also opportunities to work on different community development projects and farming projects (fruit orchard, livestock, composting etc., sustainable agriculture planning, etc.).
No experience needed, but an interest in bats, wildlife ecology is strongly preferred. To handle bats, an up to date Rabies vaccine is required. This internship is perfect for budding biologists/ecologists of any level that wish to pursue a career or education in the field. The internship is meant as a resume/skill builder to help interns get experience in their field. Previous participants in our internship programs have had a high rate of employment upon completion. The internship has a fee of US 255$/week for first 6 weeks which includes room and board and taxes (meals included Monday-Friday), full access to field equipment, and training by professional on-site biologists. Weekly rate reduced to $205 US/week for same inclusions after 6 weeks. Internship duration minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 10 weeks. To apply, e-mail an inquiry to and we will send you the application form.
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Vanessa Kilburn
Contact Phone
+501 607-0670
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