Bear Tech in Yellowstone

Montana State University
Yellowstone National Park
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
~$1300 a month, housing provided
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Black bears are an iconic wildlife species that have drawn millions of visitors to Yellowstone National Park (YNP) since the parks establishment in the later 1800’s. However, little is known about the ecology of black bears in YNP since most bear studies have focused on the recently delisted grizzly bear population found in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The Northern Range (NR) of YNP has been extensively studied due to the areas high density and diversity of predator and ungulate populations, but currently there is no information on the density and distribution of black bears on the NR. This ecological information would be helpful to know to better understand the predatory pressures black bears might impose on local ungulate populations. Therefore, a non-invasive spatially explicit capture recapture study is being conducted to determine the population abundance and habitat selection of black bears and grizzly bears, whom effect the ecology of black bears, on the NR of YNP. To conduct this study, we are looking for 3 field technicians to assist with the collection of hair from hair snare corrals and natural rub objects that are distributed across our study area. Technicians will hike in crews of 2-3 off trail between 8 – 20 miles a day with 30+lb packs using GPS units and topo maps. Occasionally, crews will need to spend at least a night a week in the backcountry in tents or backcountry patrol cabins. Crews will have to collect samples from all hair snares weekly and all natural rub objects every 2-3 weeks. We need technicians that can start April 30 and work until August 31. Housing will be provided (but you will have to contribute to utilities) and we will be able to pay techs ~$1300 a month. Housing is located just outside of Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner Montana.
Applicants need to have a BS in wildlife ecology or another related field of study and have at least a year of wildlife experience. In addition, applicants need to have had experience hiking in grizzly bear country and know how to use bear spray. We will be working long hard days that could range from 20 degrees and snowing to hot and dry days in the 90’s, so applicants must have experience hiking in varying conditions and be in good shape to be able to hike up to 20 miles a day off trail with a 30+lb pack. Furthermore, technicians need to have a positive attitude and be able to work with others. To apply, send an email to Nate Bowersock at, with your cover letter and resume in a single word document or PDF. Label your cover letter/resume document with your first and last name combine and the title of the job “BearTechApplication” as follows “JaneDoe_ BearTechApplication.” If you have any questions about this position send questions to the email above.
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Nate Bowersock
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