Bear Technician: Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game
Island Park, Idaho
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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- Technician needed to assist with all phases of bear program, including: education, conflict management, and research. The position takes place in the Upper Snake Region in Southeast Idaho. - Position is approximately 4 months from June to mid-September - Housing will likely be available but not guaranteed. - Technician will be on-call and will need to respond and be available at night and on weekends - Applicants must, with or without reasonable accommodations, be capable of working in inclement weather, walking several miles per day across rough terrain, and safely operate trucks with trailers. Responsibilities: Education: • Canvass neighborhoods to talk with homeowners and disseminate education material about living in bear country • Attend events with IDFG’s bear education trailer throughout the region • Provide presentations to diverse audiences about bear biology, history, and ways to reduce human-bear conflicts • Work with Forest Service personnel to ensure proper food storage in campgrounds and dispersed campsites Conflict Management: • Respond to ongoing conflicts in a timely manner. • Reduce conflicts by securing human food and other attractants • Capture bears that may be relocated or removed • Handle stressful situations when public safety is a concern • Work well with the public, which may involve confrontational homeowners or recreationists Research • Capture and collar grizzly bears • Collect morphological data and samples from immobilized bears • Setup and maintain cameras and scent stations to monitor bears • Collect and cut up road-killed ungulates used for bait during capture efforts
Minimum Qualifications: • Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license • Trained and experienced in safely operating 4WD trucks and ATVs in remote areas on unimproved roads. • Trained and experienced in safely operating 4WD trucks towing trailers • Willingness to work at night and on weekends • Experience with hand-held GPS units • Experience with data entry and database management. • Must be willing to work in rough terrain and/or inclement weather. • Applicants must be physically fit and able to carry upwards of 65 pounds. • Applicants must be comfortable working in areas occupied by grizzly bears • Able to tolerate and handle foul smelling meat and scent lure. Preferred Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree in: Wildlife Biology, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Resources, or a related field • Experience providing education to public about wildlife issues • Experience responding to human-wildlife conflicts, particularly large carnivores • Experience capturing and handling wildlife, particularly bears • Experience monitoring radio-collared wildlife. • Experience safely working in areas occupied by grizzly bears
Contact Person
Jeremy Nicholson
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