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Benchmark Ecological Services, Inc. ( is an environmental consulting and services company located in Brookshire, Texas. Benchmark offers a wide range of services including; ecological assessment, ecotoxicology, environmental impact studies, wetland delineations, environmental permitting, environmental sampling (water, sediment, and biological), wetland construction/restoration, and wildlife ecology. Position Description Benchmark is currently soliciting candidates for employment for an Environmental Scientist with Wetlands Experience. Candidate should be familiar with the USACOE wetland delineation methodologies and have experience with the Regulatory Branch of the USACOE. Candidate should have a strong working knowledge of: • Plant identification. • Hydric soil indicators. • Wetland hydrology. • Wetland permitting. • Mitigation plans. • ESRI GIS software. • GPS operation. Typical Position Tasks • Conduct wetland delineations. • Manage labor, logistics, and budgets on field projects. • Write wetland delineation and threatened and endangered species reports. • Develop/implement mitigation plans. • Work directly with clients and regulatory agencies. • Various levels of participation in environmental contaminant and other environmental studies. Please email your resume to
Position Qualifications • Strong communication and writing skills. • Bachelor level or higher degree in environmental or related sciences. • 3+ yrs experience in (or related to) the environmental consulting industry. • Comfortable operating small boats and ATVs. • Available to work away from the office 5-10 days per month. • GIS software experience. • Existing client relationships a plus. Please email your resume to
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