Bg Cat and Primate Husbandry – Florida

Forest Animal Rescue
Silver Springs, FL
Job Category
$300/month plus lodging and meals (additional $700/mo value)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Are you a college student and would like to gain professional experience in captive wild animal care? Get a great first-hand experience by working at an accredited, non-profit sanctuary. Even if you are between jobs with the COVID-19 issues, Forest Animal Rescue still has opportunities. You can build your resume with us and, after a completed successful internship, you can apply for a permanent staff position! We are extremely proactive with our procedures to ensure the safety of the animals in our care. Our protocols are changing rapidly during the pandemic. We will reach out to you to discuss our current policies as we communicate with you regarding your application. This is your opportunity to learn proper husbandry and behaviors of a wide variety of species: tigers, bears, wolves, cougars, servals, bobcats, spider monkeys, capuchins, lemurs, fruit bats, horses, tortoises, and domestic cats. THERE IS A PERMANENT STAFF POSITION AVAILABLE TO THE RIGHT INTERN WHO COMPLETES AN INTERNSHIP WTH US. Here is what you’ll learn and accomplish at Forest Animal Rescue: - Understand the natural history of the species - Get to know the animals and how they came to the sanctuary - Understand how a TRUE sanctuary operates - Learn how to safely and properly work around wild and dangerous animals - Learn how to prepare all animals’ diets and the nutrition behind it - Clean animal enclosures, pools, and change water containers - Learn how to safely feed carnivores, primates, bats, and equines - Learn how to groom and walk equines - Understand carnivore and primate behavior - Learn how to thoroughly observe, monitor, and track animals’ health - Observe any vet care given. All interns may be asked to help assist with procedures or moving anesthetized animals to the degree they are trained to so. - Assist with animal enrichment and learn how to ensure the animal has the best quality of life - Interns will be required to do a project: an in-depth observation or enrichment. This will enhance skills at animal monitoring.
- At a minimum, applicants must be in their second year of college in an animal-related science (zoology, conservation, animal behavior, etc) - Two letters of reference including addresses and contact numbers from two individuals not related to you who have known you for over a year submitted at the time of application, preferably from volunteer work or employment. - Must be able to provide proof of a current negative TB test (within the past 12 months) or a TB vaccine. - In order to participate in activities involving bats, the intern must provide proof of rabies vaccination. - Hepatitis B and tetanus vaccinations are strongly recommended. - Must be reasonably physically fit, able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds, and able to work outdoors in the Florida climate.
Contact Person
Lisa Stoner
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