Bi-State Sage-Grouse Communication and Data Coordinator: Bishop, CA preferred but will consider other locations in the Bi-State area (eastern CA or western NV)

Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association
Bishop, CA preferred but will consider other locations in the Bi-State area (eastern CA or western NV)
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Full time Positions
$60,000 to $80,000 + benefits
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BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Bi-State Local Area Working Group (LAWG) is a diverse group of stakeholders that includes federal, state, and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, Tribes, and private landowners. The Bi-State LAWG works across jurisdictional boundaries to conserve Bi-State sage-grouse populations and their habitats and has been touted nationally as a model for collaborative conservation success. This position is supported by Bi-State collaborative partners (BLM, USFS, USFWS) and the Intermountain West Joint Venture and hosted by the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Institute. DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND TYPE OF WORK TO BE PERFORMED: As guided by the Bi-State Sage-Grouse Executive Oversight Committee and the Bi-State Technical Advisory Committee, the Coordinator will be responsible for the following duties: COORDINATION ● Develop, expand, and manage the collaborative Bi-State partnerships crucial to the continued success of this conservation effort, including: ○ Leverage established relationships with current Bi-State partners in order to better understand potential opportunities and challenges; ○ Provide direct support to the Local Area Working Group (LAWG) through communication, outreach, and partnership-building with a focus on underrepresented partners, including Tribal members, private landowners, etc.; ○ Identify new potential LAWG partners, opening opportunities for expanding collaboration and capacity; ○ Act as point of contact and liaison for new LAWG members and conservation partners including new staff of existing partners when turnover occurs. ● Directly interact with, coordinate, and facilitate between agency staff leaders from local decision makers to director level leadership, agency and university scientific researchers, and local and regional elected officials. ● Facilitate and schedule LAWG, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and Executive Oversight Committee (EOC) meetings and Conferences (e.g. conifer workshop, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Summits). ● Provide technical and logistical support to the Bi-State Tribal Natural Resources Committee (BTNRC) as requested by Tribal leaders of the group. Help to provide connectivity between the BTNRC and the other components of the Bi-State Collaborative (EOC, TAC, and LAWG) by frequent communication and information sharing. ● Provide project coordination and support for annual sage-grouse population monitoring efforts. ● Pursue grant funding opportunities to support Bi-State outreach and conservation efforts and provide support to partners pursuing grant funding opportunities that support the larger conservation effort. DATA MANAGEMENT ● Manage and oversee the development and completion of the annual accomplishment reports. ○ Develop a clear, modern template, and design for data reporting; ○ Compile and consolidate information and data from LAWG partners; ○ Write, edit, and design reports; ○ Coordinate the annual data call; ○ Assure quality control of data reported; ○ Track annual funding contributions from partners; ○ Upload Bi-State accomplishment information into relevant databases (ex. Conservation Efforts Database, Land Treatment Digital Library, etc.). ● Maintain and modernize as needed the Bi-State database of conservation actions that is shared among all partners. ● Create and manage files related to the Bi-State such as meeting notes, agendas, research, news etc. OUTREACH ● Manage, update, improve the Bi-State website ( ● Strengthen communications and collaboration with stakeholders, partners, and the public. ● Provide point of contact for public inquiries, data requests, and status updates. ○ Stays current on data sharing policies of individual partners. ● Plan effective strategies for communicating relevant science, conservation accomplishments and ongoing work, including: ○ Website posts and updates; ○ Coordinate with agency public affairs officers and conservation partners to share Bi-State information through their respective outreach and media channels; ○ Email marketing and Newsletter (Mailchimp) for relevant projects; ○ Leading and coordinating volunteer projects and field trips; ○ Writing success stories and developing outreach products (brochures, science communication articles, videos, merchandise, posters, giveaways, etc.); ○ Giving presentations about sage-grouse/sagebrush systems as well as working to host additional experts for public outreach events; ○ Staffing booths at local events; ○ Photographic projects, events, and gatherings.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS ● BA/BS degree and 3 years’ experience in natural resource management or communications fields or equivalent combination of education and experience. ● Experience communicating with the public and/or media both in writing and verbally. ● Experience using software such as Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Microsoft to create media publications such as mass emails, website posts, newsletters, and handouts. ● Experience using excel or access to manage data. ● Experience developing and maintaining partnerships (community, government, nonprofit). DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS ● Experience managing/working on habitat restoration or enhancement projects, including budgets, contracts, and monitoring. ● Ability to explain conservation practices to technical and non-technical audiences. ● Knowledge of current trends and practices in conservation, land management, and related sciences. ● Completing tasks independently with respect to timelines. ● Relationship building skills to work closely with a variety of partners, i.e., landowners, government officials, non-governmental organization partners, and internal staff. ● Ability to work independently with ranch owners in a rural setting and willingness to work outside of normal business hours. ● Knowledge of ecological land management principles of sagebrush grassland, with knowledge of greater sage-grouse and sagebrush-obligate bird ecology highly preferred. ● Ability to collect and report scientific data through detailed notes and use of GPS and store and organize data using common software. ● Knowledge of GIS is highly preferred. ● Ability to operate vehicles (e.g.; ATV, 4 x 4 truck, or SUV) and hike in rough terrain in a safe and efficient manner. ● Excellent communication skills via written, spoken, and graphical means in English and other relevant languages. ● Politically savvy and experienced in partnership development (partners, community, government).
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