Big Game Biological Assistant – Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Gunnison, Colorado
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Needing one big-game biological assistant for various ungulate (mostly mule deer and elk) projects. Daily duties will be centered out of Gunnison, Colorado; which will include, but not limited to: 1) collecting CWD samples from hunter harvested ungulates, 2) capture and GPS collaring of ungulates via dart-gun and assisting ground crew with helicopter net gunning, 3) general equipment maintenance, 4) monitoring VHF collar beacons using fixed wing aircraft, 5) investigating cause-specific sources of ungulate mortality of GPS and VHF collared ungulates, 6) conducting necropsies on fresh ungulate carcasses, 7) working with camera trap photos/data, 8) Microsoft Excel and Access data entry and manipulation. Starting date is October 19, 2020. End date is March 15. No housing is provided.
Basic minimum qualifications include: 1) Driver’s license and experience driving vehicles off-road. 2) Physical ability to hike on or off-trail up to 15 miles over rough and steep terrain 3) Physical ability to hike 5 miles in deep snow (maybe in consecutive days) over rough and steep terrain. 4) Ability to lift at least 50 pounds (i.e., able to maneuver a deer carcass into truck bed with limited tools, pull a sled carrying deer carcass) 5) Experience operating a GPS or smartphone GPS apps and basic mapping software (i.e., Google earth, Garmin software products) Applicants will be scored with a point system based on whether they partially or completely meet the five basic qualifications, experience in the listed job duties, and the amount of additional qualifications they meet (below). These additional, but not exactly necessary, qualifications are: 1) Experience capturing and handling large mammals 2) Physical ability to handle flying in aircraft (small Cessna) once a week at low altitudes for several hours whilst holding in your breakfast and accurately collecting data. 3) Experience classifying Colorado ungulates by age and sex 4) Experience locating animals via VHF telemetry 5) Have knowledge of the Gunnison Basin geography 6) Comfortable talking with members of the public, specifically hunters and landowners. 7) Have ability to drive a quad (ATV 4 wheeler) 8) Experience with winter off-road travel (i.e., snowmobiles, cross-country skiing, snow shoes) 9) Experience with field necropsy, field dressing, or extracting biological samples from carcasses 10) Deploying camera traps, organizing camera trap photos, identifying Colorado wildlife species from photos 11) Experience with more advanced mapping software like Arcmap/QGIS/ArcPad 12) Have introductory data analysis skills (i.e., a little experience in program R or other programming language, Excel data analysis toolpack, other software) 13) Have 4-year degree in wildlife, natural resources, animal science or similar field 14) Have advanced degree (i.e., M.S.) in an applied science field To apply: Send a one-page cover letter, resume, and names/contact info for three references (all in a single document) via email to with “Big Game Assistant – Last Name” in the subject line. References will not be contacted until you are interviewed. Please indicate your approximate availability in the email you are sending your materials in. Unless it is a question about the position or a statement of your months of availability, please do not write anything else in the email body (i.e., other information should be in the resume or cover letter), as it will probably be ignored. Thank you!
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Kevin Blecha
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