Bighorn Sheep Biologist/Environmental Scientist – California Peninsular Ranges

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Bermuda Dunes, California
Job Category
Full time Positions
$3,668-$4,541 mo.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Perform and/or assist with field research conducted by the Department, State Universities, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, or other supporting partner agencies that research bighorn sheep and sub-populations including peninsular bighorn sheep in the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains. Research topics may include but are not limited to habitat connectivity, impact of roads as movement barriers, road crossing patterns/timing, cause-specific mortality and habitat use and dispersal. Field research shall be conducted through use of VHF telemetry monitoring, GPS data downloads, and bighorn sheep mortality investigation and necropsy to obtain information related to the above topics. Using the best and most appropriate sampling and monitoring methods, the incumbent performs and/or assists with range-wide population abundance surveys and health monitoring of bighorn sheep in the peninsular mountain ranges. Survey and monitoring methods may include but are not limited to aerial and ground mark-resight, double count, and distance sampling; and ground and aerial telemetry monitoring of individually radio collared (marked) sheep. Data collected through surveys and telemetry monitoring shall be used to determine population (demographic) status and trends, recruitment rates, abundance, distribution, lamb survival and lamb/ewe ratios, and track and investigate emergent disease.
Applicants must complete online examination to be eligible for any Environmental Scientist position with the State of California. Bachelor's or advanced degree with a major in a biological, chemical, physical, or environmental science, soil science, water science, hydrology, agronomy, natural resource science, environmental or public health, physical geography, or a closely related scientific discipline
Contact Person
Russell Black
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