Bighorn Sheep/Botany Field Technican: Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington and Northwestern Wyoming

University of Idaho
Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington and Northwestern Wyoming
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We are hiring three (3) field technicians April – August 2021 to assist with bighorn sheep lamb captures and habitat assessment in the Blue Mountains of eastern Washington and the Gros Ventre Mountains and Whiskey Basin in northwestern Wyoming. This work is part of an ongoing collaborative project between Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, University of Idaho, and University of Wyoming to investigate the interactive role of nutrition and disease in bighorn sheep population dynamics. Investigating cause-specific mortality of lambs, collection of fecal samples from collared ewes, and vegetation monitoring/collection are part of the next phase of the project. We will be hiring for two different types of positions: 1) Vegetation sampling emphasis: Two technicians will assist with lamb captures in Asotin, Washington from April to end of May. These two technicians will then conduct vegetation monitoring/collection in northwestern Wyoming for the remainder of the summer. 2) Wildlife monitoring emphasis: One technician will assist with lamb captures in Asotin, Washington from April to end of May, and will then remain in Asotin with the PhD student for the entire summer. The remainder of the summer will consist of a combination of lamb monitoring via radio telemetry and vegetation sampling/collection. We are seeking highly motivated individuals who have experience with plant identification, locating animals via radio telemetry, and working independently. Workdays in Asotin typically entail 1-3 miles of hiking on and off-trail in rugged terrain. The study areas in Wyoming are extremely remote and will require technicians to backpack with field supplies and camp for up to one week at a time. Field housing will be provided in Asotin at a WDFW ranch house located 20 miles west of Asotin, Washington. The ranch house is located at 3,600’ and is located in the middle of a large Wildlife Area. In Wyoming, field housing will most likely be a camp trailer. To apply: Please email one PDF document containing CV (or resume), cover letter detailing wildlife and outdoor (backpacking, climbing, etc.) experience, and contact information for three references to In your email, please indicate your preference for which type of position you would like to be considered for (vegetation sampling, wildlife monitoring, or both). Name the file yourlastname_bluemtnsheep.pdf and include “2021 Bighorn Sheep Research Technician” in the subject line of the email. *We will start reviewing applications immediately and continue until all positions are filled. *Exact start date to be determined
Required Qualifications: 1. Completed or near completed degree in ecology, wildlife and fisheries, or related field. 2. Strong interest and demonstrated ability to hike in steep terrain on and off trails. 3. Familiarity with native and invasive plants of Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming. 4. Experience and willingness to spend multiple days backpacking. 5. Experience working safely in grizzly bear country (Wyoming). 6. Exceptional observation skills that require patience and persistence. 7. Excellent physical fitness and ability to carry a heavy pack. 8. Willingness to work long and irregular hours. 9. Ability to work well in a small team or alone in remote settings. 10. Positive attitude, strong work ethic, organized, detail oriented. 11. Experience in outdoor leadership. 12. Valid driver’s license. Preferred Qualifications: 1. Experience in radio telemetry, neonate captures, and animal handling. 2. Experience identifying plants in the field using dichotomous keys 3. Experience with climbing and basic mountaineering. 4. Knowledge of and experience with wilderness first aid.
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Katey Huggler
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