Bighorn Sheep & Habitat Technician-Idaho

Univeristy of Idaho
Challis, ID
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$11/hr (Housing also provided)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Start date is ASAP until August 31st Posting will close when a successful applicant is found Salary: $11/hr with free housing provided The University of Idaho is seeking two technicians to assist in a graduate research study. We are interested in the effect of habitat nutrition on disease prevalence, propensity of movement in either forays or emigration, and lamb survival. We will conduct landscape level nutrition surveys and collect lamb survival data in the Owyhee River, Lost River Range and the East Fork of the Salmon River. This is an extension of an ongoing management project and will provide benefits to Idaho Fish and Game managers and Forest Service maps for risk of domestic contact. We are seeking highly motivated individuals who have experience with plant identification and tracking radio collars. Duties include establishing phenology plots, conducting habitat surveys, identifying plants to species, tracking bighorn sheep via telemetry, recording detailed observations of herd composition, and data entry. Most of the field work will be conducted in remote backcountry so a successful candidate must be willing and able to hike with field supplies, camp up to a week, and be self-sufficient. Technicians will also assist with adult bighorn sheep surveys where we will track GPS collars, count lambs, and observe behavior throughout the summer.
Position Requirements: • Pursuing or earned a bachelor’s degree in: Botany, Wildlife Biology, Range Ecology, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Resources or related subject; • Coursework or equivalent experience in plant taxonomy and botany is preferred; • Experience identifying plants in the field and using a dichotomous key is preferred; • Familiarity with native and invasive plants of the sampling area is preferred; • Experience conducting plant surveys using various monitoring protocols; • Experience with VHF telemetry and tracking wildlife is preferred; • Ability to read, interpret and navigate using topographic maps; • Experience safely operating 4WD trucks and ATVs’ on paved and unpaved roads, often in remote areas on unimproved roads; • Experience navigating and collecting coordinates with hand-held GPS units; • Experience in and willingness to spend multiple days backpacking; • Willingness to work long and irregular hours (e.g., early mornings, late nights); • Ability to work in harsh and rapidly changing environments and in all types of weather conditions; • Ability to traverse uneven terrain and carry upwards of 50 pounds in a backpack; • Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license and have a clean driving record. • MUST be available until late August 2018. To apply please send the following in one single document to Nicole Bilodeau ( • Resume • Cover letter • 3 references with contact names, emails, and phone numbers
Contact Person
Nicole Bilodeau
Contact eMail
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