BioCorps Internship in Botany – in the Florida Everglades

Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park, Homestead, FL
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$10/hour ($400/week); with a slightly higher salary for local interns not living in park housing.
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Everglades National Park (ENP) is seeking two BioCorps interns for a full-time, 34-week internship (October 1st, 2021 - May 27th, 2022) working in the Florida Everglades. The BioCorps internship program is a collaborative program between Everglades National Park, the University of Florida, and partners of the park, which supports biological management, monitoring, and research within the Florida Everglades. The selected interns will support a variety of natural resources projects but will primarily work within the Park’s botanical programs including the Exotic Vegetation Management Program (EVMP) and the Hole-in-the-Donut wetland restoration program (HID). The selected intern will work directly with ENP botanists to perform duties related to inventorying, monitoring, and removal of exotic flora as well as Integrated Pest Management. The selected intern will work independently, as part of a team, and in a leadership role leading groups of volunteers in the field. The use of herbicide, involving both mixing and application, is required. Fieldwork is immensely laborious and taxing and may include walking several miles in waist-deep water, exposure to noxious plants, biting insects, and venomous/hazardous wildlife, and long hours spent in high heat and humidity. This position will be 90% fieldwork (mechanical and chemical removal of invasive plant species) but office work including data entry and data management will also be required. Though the vast majority of this internship will be conducted within the EVMP and HID programs, as COVID-19 mitigations allow, there will be opportunities to acquire federal training and assist on other natural resources-related projects being conducted by park staff and partners. Training may include helicopter training, NPS Fire Training (Red Card), CPR and First Aid, among others. These internships are highly synergistic and are good opportunities for young biologists to cultivate their skillsets and build their CVs. The intern will work 40 hours per week and some workdays may exceed 8 hours. A living stipend and shared housing in ENP may be available, but relocation funds are not available. Because housing is limited, preference will be given to local applicants. Applicants who do not need park housing will be paid at a higher pay rate. Everglades National Park is an internationally recognized landscape that protects a dynamic collection of habitats, wildlife, processes, and culture. The proximity of the Everglades to an exceptionally large, burgeoning urban community presents several challenges to the continued protection of resources for which the park was established. This internship offers the opportunity to cultivate resource management techniques and explore new career opportunities in an applied, real-world setting.
Applicants should be physically fit, show an interest in botany, wetlands and restoration, have an excellent work ethic, meticulous data-collection skills, be comfortable working in hot, buggy conditions (seriously), and be able to think/work both independently and as part of a team. Applicants should be confident handling herbicide (or be willing to learn) and have demonstrated skills identifying plants in the field. The ideal candidate will have a relevant bachelor's degree, have paid work experience outside university (in any field), and have experience doing fieldwork to include identifying plants, collecting, and managing data, using a GPS, and handling herbicides. Spanish-language proficiency is not necessary but is a plus while a good sense of humor and a positive attitude are necessary. Preference will be given to local applicants (within Miami-Dade County, commuting distance of Everglades National Park) since housing is limited. A valid U.S. driver's license and a clean driving record are required, and a background check will be necessary. S/he must also be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident for over 3 years and speak English. TO APPLY: Send a cover letter (no more than 1 page) and a resume or CV that includes contact information for 3 references to: The subject line of the e-mail should be “Everglades BioCorps Internship Application Botany”. We prefer to get applications as a single PDF with a file name that begins with your last name [e.g., Darwin BioCorps Application 14July21.pdf]. We will no longer accept applications after 9AM EDT on July 22, 2021.
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Michelle Collier
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