Biological Field Technician – California

Redhorse Corporation
Ft. Irwin, CA
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Redhorse is hiring a Biological Field Technician to perform the following duties.
• Conducting fence checks/repairs.
• Water delivery and care of captive desert tortoises.
• Assisting with programs designed to monitor and preserve biodiversity at Federal facilities in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.
• Collecting biological data in order to contribute valuable findings concerning the distribution and abundance of flora and fauna, and land conservation practices.
• Researching, observing, and monitoring plant and animal habitats in a given region for the purpose of determining population, pollution, health and predator-prey dynamic.
• Conducting government research in the field to better understand an ecosystem.
• Other tasks as assigned.
• Conducting threatened, endangered and sensitive species surveys.
• Providing construction or project monitoring to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
• Collecting climate data.
• Conducting natural resources surveys.
• Conducting spring/seep monitoring.
• Promoting environmental awareness through outreach and education.
• Preparing reports documenting results of data collection efforts.
• Capturing and relocating wildlife, responding to on-call wildlife management calls (1 week per month), performing conservation area management.
• Towing water delivery systems on unpaved roads and distributing water at captive tortoise enclosures (experience towing a trailer preferred).

*During an average week, the Biological Field Technician position consists of 80% field work.
Minimum requirements:
• Bachelor of Science (BS) in biology, botany, ecology or a related undergraduate degree, and 1-2 years of related experience.

Preferred experience:
• Experience working in the Mojave Desert ecosystem and the ability to work long days in a wide range of weather conditions.
• Experience working with Desert Tortoise and/or completion of the Desert Tortoise Council’s “Introduction to Desert Tortoises and Field Techniques” course.
• Plant identification skills for species common to the Mojave Desert or experience in plant identification in other desert ecosystems with an aptitude for learning new plant species quickly.
• Experience with Fort Irwin’s other special status species (Mojave Fringe-Toed Lizard, Burrowing Owl, Lane Mountain Milkvetch, Desert Cymopterus, Mohave Ground Squirrel).
• Experience capturing or handling wildlife species using specialized equipment (Traps, snake tongs, noose pole).
• Experience towing trailers and mending fence breaches.
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Amy Schmid
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