Biological Science Technician (GS-0404-04/05)-Arizona

Southwest Biological Science Center (USGS)
Flagstaff, AZ
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$14.30-$16.00 per hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Southwest Biological Science Center’s Terrestrial Dryland Ecology Group is seeking a biological science technician. This position will collect data in grassland and shrubland ecosystems across the Colorado Plateau, including measurements regarding soil conditions, plant traits, and community composition. Duties: * Collects biological, botanic, genetic, and soil data and/or samples from field locations in grassland and shrubland plant communities across the Colorado Plateau. * Performs laboratory analyses to determine specified chemical, biological, genetic, or physical characteristics. * Operates a government motor vehicle as an incidental driver. * Work may be physically challenging and includes walking, bending, climbing, and lifting of equipment up to 50lbs while in the field, sometimes during adverse conditions. Office work (e.g., data entry) requires the ability to sit for prolonged periods.
Desired skills: * Practical knowledge of the technical methods and procedures of biological sciences to organize and execute a variety of projects. * Knowledge of routine field data collection procedures in order to collect biological data. * Skill in the operation, maintenance, and servicing of a variety of biological recording and measuring instruments. * Knowledge of procedures and techniques utilized in biological and/or genetic laboratories for measuring the physical, chemical, and/or genetic parameters of organisms. * Must be able to travel and spend up to two weeks at a time in remote field locations that may not have facilities. * Experience using dichotomous keys to assist plant identification and knowledge of common plant species across the Colorado Plateau. To apply: Please see application details on
Contact Person
Rob Massatti
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