Biological Science Technician, Moab Utah

Moab, Utah
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
GG04 - $15.10/hr
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The USGS Southwest Biological Science Center in Moab, UT is seeking a Biological Science Technician (GG-0404-04) to assist with field work, lab work, and data entry on a range of dryland ecological investigations. Incumbent participates in a research program focusing soils and soil processes in dryland ecosystems and the interactions between environmental and land-use drivers, vegetation, soils, and geomorphology. Areas of focus include restoration, ecohydrology, effects of land-use (grazing, energy, and recreation), dust production, plant-soil feedbacks, and soil mapping and interpretations. Some primary current research focuses include understanding impacts of drought on Colorado Plateau landscapes, evaluating recovery of oil and gas pads on the Colorado Plateau and opportunities for improved restoration practices, developing novel restoration techniques for highly disturbed lands using biological soil crusts and physical barriers, and basic research into the importance of soils for dryland ecosystem processes.
Duties and Responsibilities Include: Conducts field sampling of biological soil crusts, vegetation and soils of the Colorado Plateau with accuracy and precision specialized techniques at pre-selected study sites under supervision of field crew leader. Prepares samples and performs laboratory analysis of crust, plant and soil samples to determine specific chemical, physical, and/or biological characteristics under supervision of a project lead. Enters data on a Windows-based computer using spreadsheets. Knowledge of processes, methods & procedures of biological science; knowledge of routine field data collection procedures; skill in operation, maintenance, and servicing of biological recording and measuring instruments; knowledge of procedures utilized in a biological lab. Physical Demands Work will be in the field and the lab. Field work involves moderate or sometimes extreme exposure to the discomforts of rain, cold/hot weather, and rapidly running streams or rivers. Special safety precautions are required in some cases, and the employee may wear special safety boots and special organism-handling gear. Work can be physically demanding and includes walking, bending, climbing, and lifting of equipment up to 35 pounds when in the field, sometimes during adverse conditions. *A pre-employment physical is required.*
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