Biological Science Technician-Oregon

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Plush, Oregon
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$32,844 to $42,702 per year
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
This position is part of the Sheldon-Hart Mountain NWR Complex. As a Biological Science Technician you will be responsible for protecting almost 1 million acres of high desert habitat for pronghorn, bighorn sheep, greater sage-grouse, pygmy rabbit and a rich assortment of other native wildlife. The landscape is remote, rugged, and punctuated with waterfalls, narrow gorges, and lush springs among rolling hills and expansive tablelands of sagebrush. As a Biological Science Technician, you will provide technical support and assistance to biologists in conducting biological surveys to gather field data. Major duties include: - Conduct wildlife census surveys to collect biological data. - Conduct plant identification surveys to gather field data. - Identify herb and shrub species in order to collect vegetation data. - Perform noxious weed and invasive plant species control, identification, and mapping. - Monitor native plants. - Use variety of computer software for data input, retrieval, and analysis. - Compute, compile, and present data in reports.
To qualify for this position, you must meet the basic qualification requirements specified under either A, B, or C below. Your resume must include sufficient information to substantiate your qualification, or you may be found not qualified. A. One year of full-time specialized experience equivalent the GS-4 grade level in the Federal service, or equivalent non-Federal experience. Specialized experience is defined as conducting wildlife surveys, conducting plant identification surveys, identifying wildlife and/or plant species, collecting, recording and entering data from wildlife and plant studies and surveys. -OR- B. Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree with major study (or at least 24 semester hours) in any combination of scientific or technical courses such as biology, chemistry, statistics, entomology, animal husbandry, botany, physics, agriculture, or mathematics. At least 6 semester hours of courses must have been directly related to the position to be filled, such as wildlife management, ornithology, mammalogy, herpetology, avian ecology, plant biology, botany, etc. -OR- C. An equivalent combination of specialized experience (as in A above) and education (as in B above) that, when prorated, combine to meet the qualification requirements for this position. Experience and education are each computed as percentages of their respective requirements and must equal 100 percent when combined. (Only education beyond the second year is creditable to meet this standard.)NOTE: All applicants who are using education or a combination of education and experience to qualify must submit copies of transcripts which include grades, credit hours earned, major(s) and grade point average or class ranking. If any required coursework is not easily recognizable on transcripts, or if you believe a portion of a particular course can be credited toward meeting an educational requirement, you must also provide a memorandum on letterhead from the academic professor or from your school stating the percentage of the course that should be considered to meet the requirement and the equivalent number of units. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable; however, if selected, you will be required to produce original transcripts. To apply, you must follow the instructions at this link:
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