Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Monroe, LA
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$3,051.00 - $5,346.00 Monthly
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This position is a Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist 1-3 Career Progression Group position located on in the LDWF Monroe Region that receives direct supervision from a Biologist Supervisor based in the Monroe field office. Participates in and ensures that activities on Wildlife Management Areas are enacted and completed. Conducts field surveys, research projects, habitat development, user surveys, harvest surveys, and other techniques utilized in wildlife management. Collects and provides data used in establishing management or research programs and setting harvest season dates and bag and size limits. Oversees and participates in necessary construction and maintenance activities on Department buildings, grounds, roads, levees, equipment, camping areas, and water control structures. Participates in lethal and nonlethal collection and sampling of wildlife species for management, research, and nuisance response/control. Works with regional staff and species programs in managed deer hunts, other wildlife species surveys, and in general wildlife management. Works with agency counterparts, such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and others. Performs other duties as directed and necessary for the agency to accomplish its mission.
A baccalaureate degree in a biological science, marine science, environmental science, wildlife or fisheries management, animal science, forestry, natural resources, or conservation. NOTE: Examples of non-qualifying degrees are science education (of any discipline), geology, geography, nuclear science, and agribusiness. NOTE: Any college hours or degree must be from an accredited college or university.
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