Biologist – California

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$50+/hr including per diem $150/day
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Wildlife Biologist with experience in pre-construction biological surveys and monitoring. Experience with SWHA, SJKF, TKR, BNLL, GKR, and/ or SJAS desired. The experienced Biologist will conduct pre-construction surveys, provide biological field monitoring reports, provide technical leadership to biological monitors, and work with construction crews to maintain compliance with permits and regulations. The biologist will be responsible for implementing Mitigation Measures & Permit Conditions listed in USFWS, USACE, SWRCB, and CDFW opinions and/or permits. Must demonstrate positive relationships with local agencies and provide evidence of strong technical and analytical skills. Resumes will be submitted to agencies for review and approval. Responsibilities include: Conducting and developing biological preconstruction surveys Biological monitoring. Tracking biological project conditions and regulatory requirements Coordinating with construction teams regarding schedules & compliance Working as an integral part of a large, diverse team Providing timely project deliverables to project manager Providing quality control for surveillance and monitoring reports Implementing nesting season protocols Conducting species-specific training
Experience with SWHA, SJKF, TKR, BNLL, GKR, and/ or SJAS desired
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