Wildlife Biologist II, Moose Project Leader – New Hampshire

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Fish and Game Region 2 Office, New Hampton, NH
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Plans, administers and coordinates NH's moose project as moose project leader. Develops and initiates regional habitat management projects. Serves on Department game management team to develop game season proposals. Conducts field research and data collection activities in support of a wide variety of game species management projects. Conducts communications for moose project in public meetings, legislative hearings, commission meetings and public forums. Investigates and conducts wildlife conflict abatement activities, to include wildlife capture and immobilization, as a member of the Department conflict abatement team.
Master's degree from a recognized college or university with a major in wildlife, biology, or fisheries management, or a related biological science. Two years experience in work at a professional level in wildlife, fisheries, or aquatic biology. Preferred work traits: ability to perform statistical analysis of wildlife management data; knowledge of moose biology, population dynamics, and management; knowledge of wildlife habitat relationships and management; ability to plan projects and write technical reports; ability to perform physically demanding field work in a variety of climatic conditions; ability to prepare and implement long-range management plans; ability to professionally communicate technical information at diverse venues.
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