Biologist III – Walla Walla River Basin Monitoring & Evaluation Project Manager – Washington

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Walla Walla, WA
Job Category
Full time Positions
$50,939 to 591,477 Annual DOQ/DOE
Last Date to Apply
RESEARCH, MONITORING, AND EVALUATION MISSION STATEMENT Generate knowledge regarding the biological performance and ecology of aquatic species of the First Food order in a scientifically credible and policy relevant manner to inform management and policy decisions. GENERAL STATEMENT OFDUTIES The position will utilize principles of fishery science, population dynamics, statistics, sampling theory, and experimental design while functioning as the project manager for the Walla Walla River Basin Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) project. The individual will be responsible for managing the implementation of salmonid M&E staff and funding contracts in a manner consistent with the above mission statements as they apply to the Walla Walla River Basin and other areas as needed in northeast Oregon and Southwest Washington. The individual will work in both field and office settings to carry out assigned projects including data collection and reporting of project findings. The position will provide supervision and management direction to the M&E project staff for effective and efhcient coordination, development, implementation, and administration of M&E activities. The position will also act as an external CTUIR representative in the Walla Walla River Basin to effectively coordinate and integrate tribal M&E actions with various agency and academic programs. EXAMPLES OF JOB DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES Strategic Planning a. Responsible for CTUIR project proposals and annual work plans for Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and other possible funding sources. b. Responsible for the development, management and reconciliation of budgets. c. Direct the purchase of supplies and equipment as per budget details. - Management of Proiect SOW. Budget. and Operational oversight of Project - Responsible for: d. Developing, managing, and tracking project budget, project expenditures for staffing and various other expenses necessary for implementing the CTUIR Walla Walla River Basin M&E project. e. Development of BPA contract statement of work in coordination with funding entity and Fisheries Program Administrative Manager. f. The care of project equipment and maintaining gear in good working condition, replace or repair equipment as needed. Report missing, damaged, and/or transferred gear to Administrative Staff. g. Providing technical oversight implementing rotary screw trapping, fish marking, spawning surveys, adult trapping, and other M&E related activities consistent with CTUIR policies, goals, and mission statements. h. Deriving fish productivity metrics for adult and juvenile fish life stages (e.g. Redd distribution, spawn timing, adults/redd, juvenile survival, parent/progeny, smolt/adult ratios, recruits/spawner). Staff Management - Responsible for: a. Direct supervision of one and indirect supervision of 5-7 full time Walla Walla M&E project staff. b. Scheduling and management of staff work plan and assignments as per project SOW and consistent with necessary timing of tasks in the field. c. Conducting one performance review for one supervisee (e.g. semi-annual and annual), identify and coordinate staff development needs. d. Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of staff and resources across research activities. Reporting a. Responsible for managing, analyzing and evaluating project results according to program and contract objectives. b. Responsible for timely submittal of BPA Pisces quarterly and annual technical reports; CTUIR semi-annual reports, and BiOP annual reports. Organizational Representation a. Act as CTUIR representative and participate in project management, planning, scoping, and coordination associated with various fisheries habitat and M&E in the Walla Walla River basin. b. Responsible for developing positive and collaborative working relationships internally with CTUIR and externally with state and federal resource agency personnel, the public, and others involved with salmonid recovery in the Walla Walla river basin. c. Present research findings in professional and public forums. d. Perform related duties as assigned.
See Website for additional information. REQUIRED MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate in writing he/she does meet the followings minimum qualifications.) 1. Master's or PhD degree in Fisheries Science or a closely related field (ex. Aquatic Fisheries Ecology). 2. Five years of direct job experience within the last 8 years working with: a. Pacific Salmon population dynamics; b. Experimental design in salmonid field sampling; c. Data collection/statistical analysis/reporting of salmonid monitoring/evaluation project results. d. Project budgets and work plans e. Supervision of biologists/technicians on a salmonid monitoring/evaluation project; and f. Internal and External agency coordination as a fisheries biologist 3. Five years of project management within the last eight years, including development and management of project work plans and associated budgets, scheduling and completing project tasks on time, systematically evaluating project progress and project staff performance, reporting project results to funding agencies and employer. 4, Demonstrate a satisfactory level of productivity and dependability based on previous employer references. 5. Proven experience effectively and positively working internally in a project team environment, externally communicating with co-managers or stakeholders and independently in the field. 6. Ability to work under a variety of sometimes adverse field conditions (e.g. hiking with gear to remote locations; hot, cold, and wet conditions involving up to l2-hour workdays wading in streams). 7. Ability to effectively use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other PC software such as PITPRO, DARR and PITAGIS. 8. Must have a valid driver's license and be able to drive and meet insurance requirements for government vehicles. 9. Technical writing sample (5-20 pg. minimum) must be included with application materials. 1. Ability to carry/lift. 40-50 pounds for at least 100 yards repeatedly during the workday over uneven and slippery terrain. 2. Ability to walk (3-9 miles a day) in uneven, hilly terrain, in and along streams and rivers. 3. Ability to work outdoors in inclement weather in and around water for extended periods. 4. Ability to work in uneven and slippery terrain. 5. Ability to sit and work at computer work station for several hours. 6. Ability to work modified work hours, nights, and weekends. It is the responsibility the applicant to provide sufficient evidence to show they fully meet the qualification requirements. REQUIRED EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION PACKET MATERIAL: 1. Completed Tribal Employment application. see website. 2. Cover letter explaining your qualifications and experience relevant to the functions of this position. 3. Personal resume identifying your qualifications and experiences relevant to the functions of this position. 4. Completed CTUIR's Supplemental Application Form (both sections, if applicable) 5. High School Diploma/GED or copy of official college transcripts (if applicable). 6. Tribal and Indian preference: Must provide copy of Tribal Enrollment Card, Certificate of Indian Blood or such with Federally Recognized Tribe. 7. Veteran's preference: Must provide proof of honorable service and discharge or completed Form DD2l4. 8. Technical writing sample (5-20 pg. minimum) mast be included with application materials. APPLICANT RESPONSIBILITY It is the absolute responsibility of the applicant to provide sufficient evidence to show they fully meet the minimum qualification requirements. Applicants failing to meet the minimum qualifications are not granted interviews. If it is questionable as to whether an applicant meets the minimum qualifications, an interview may be granted solely to make that determination. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Complete Tribal employment applications will be accepted until at 4:00 P.M., on the posted closing date, September 29, 2017, as found on Page 1 of this announcement, or postmarked by that date. ONLY THOSE TRIBAL EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION PACKETS WHICH ARE COMPLETE, WITH ALL ADDITIONAL REQUIRED INFORMATION, AS FOUND IN THE "REQUIRED EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION PACKET MATERIAL" ABOVE WILL BE CONSIDERED. Employment application packets received after the application deadline will not be considered. OBTAIN AND SUBMIT APPLICATION TO: Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Office of Human Resources Staffing and Onboarding 46411Timíne Way Pendleton, OR. 97801 Phone: (541) 276-3570 or Fax: (541)21 6-9060
Contact Person
JueJue Withers-Lyons
Contact Phone
(541) 276-3570
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