Biologist (Terrestrial Zoologist)

Tennessee Valley Authority
Knoxville, TN (hybrid remote)
Job Category
Full time Positions
$76,630 - $114,950
Last Date to Apply
Serves as project leader/technical expert for a variety of terrestrial zoologist projects and endangered and threatened terrestrial animal species as they impact and relate to TVA projects and activities. Duties include, but not limited to, the following: Assess impacts of TVA actions to endangered, threatened and rare terrestrial animal species which includes review of information, conducting or overseeing field studies, compiling results into NEPA documents, and consulting with U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Assess impacts of TVA actions to wildlife and rare animal communities, and other sensitive faunal resources which includes reviewing information, conducting or overseeing field studies, analysis of trends, and compiling results into NEPA documents. Provides technical support for terrestrial animal species portions of heritage databases. Participates in related data gathering activities such as field surveys, museum trips, and visits to academic institutions. Advises on dissemination of database information to users inside and outside TVA. Incorporates endangered, threatened, and rare terrestrial animal species, wildlife, and rare animal community information and needs into interdisciplinary TVA lands planning efforts. Develops and oversees monitoring of endangered and threatened terrestrial animal populations that occur on TVA lands. Provide pertinent wildlife information and makes recommendations concerning identification and preservation of natural areas both on and off TVA-owned lands.
Advanced degree in vertebrate zoology, or closely related field from an accredited college or university, coupled with several years’ field experience in a lower level position or equivalent experience. An understanding of natural history, ecology, and systematics of the terrestrial vertebrate fauna of eastern North America, and academic training in plant systematics and ecology is desirable.
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