Biometrician / Wildlife Biologist: New Hampshire

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Concord, NH
Job Category
Full time Positions
$48,769.50 - $57,954.00
Last Date to Apply
PLANNING ANALYST/DATA SYSTEM(Job Id 19581) Designs data collection procedures and performs data analysis for Wildlife Division projects, employing state of the art statistical methods and modeling techniques, and works with Wildlife Division staff to coordinate data collection for management and research purposes.
Responsibilities: Provides technical review of all game, furbearer and habitat research and management projects, including all qualifying birds and mammals, to ensure that all such projects and analysis adhere to valid statistical practices and that the most up-to-date data collection and analysis methods and modeling techniques are being used. Develops and writes computer programs to analyze data and model populations, using the most current and statistically valid techniques; such data shall include harvest statistics, habitat assessments, reproductive rates, age specific survivorship, and a variety of other species and/or habitat indices and metrics. Works with Wildlife Division staff to determine project data collection needs, including sampling design and research methodology; helps identify and recommends additional data collection and research needs; and participates in the periodic assessment of existing projects, and in the design of new projects to ensure all projects are using statistically valid data collection, analysis and modeling techniques and methodologies. Trains and guides biological staff in data collection methods, and in data analysis and interpretation as appropriate, to ensure staff knowledge as well as consistency in data management throughout the Wildlife Division. Performs statistical analysis of data collected for game, furbearer and habitat projects, and provides analytical reports on data and population trends with appropriate projection probabilities and confidence intervals. Participates in the development of research projects to improve the quality and scientific validity of species management programs. Supports project leaders in the implementation of their respective projects and provides testimony as directed, to explain, support and justify project activities and management decisions. Works with supervisors as requested, to help develop management systems for tracking Wildlife Division contracts and budgets. Assists with Wildlife Division field work, data collection and other tasks as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS REQUIRED Education: Master’s degree from a recognized college or university with major study in statistics, mathematics, economics, health services research or administration, computer science, environmental science, or related field. Experience: Three years’ professional experience in the design or development of programs for the collection and analysis of data. Each additional year of approved work experience may be substituted for one year of required formal education at the graduate level only. License/Certification: Must possess a valid driver’s license. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) must meet the minimum standards as established by the agency. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Applicant should have a strong academic background in parametric and non-parametric statistics, an active knowledge of wildlife population dynamics and sampling, and professional experience in the development, programming and performance of wildlife-related research design, population modeling, and statistical analysis. PREFERRED WORK TRAITS: Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of wildlife biology, and scientific laboratory and field methods and techniques. Ability to plan, coordinate and supervise personnel and equipment needs. Ability to make recommendations to agency administrators regarding program activities within area of specialization. Ability to organize, analyze and compile data of an advanced technical nature. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with other employees, officials and the public. Must be willing to maintain appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the agency appointing authority. Disclaimer Statement: The supplemental job description lists typical examples of work and is not intended to include every job duty and responsibility specific to a position. An employee may be required to perform other related duties not listed on the supplemental job description provided that such duties are characteristic of that classification. For further information please contact: Mark Ellingwood, Chief of Wildlife Division, at (603) 271-2461. You may also contact Kim Crowley, Human Resources at (603) 271-5824 or via email,
Contact Person
Dan Bergeron; Game Programs Supervisor
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