BIRD BANDERS/EDUCATORS-Washington/Massachusetts

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Washington, DC or Springfield, MA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
BIRD BANDERS/EDUCATORS needed for Smithsonian education and citizen science programs (April 16-July 31). Neighborhood Nestwatch (NN) is a Smithsonian citizen science program which takes place in urban/suburban backyards in various regional locations in the U.S. It is a community-based research project and an opportunity to conduct basic conservation biology and environmental education. Assistants are needed in both the Washington, DC and Springfield, MA regions. NN work consists of conducting visits to 75-80 participant properties where banding, point count censuses, vegetation sampling, nest searching, and re-sighting are conducted along with informal environmental education. Banders will also assist with a more formal pilot education program for 6th-8th grade classrooms involving field (banding demonstrations, habitat quality surveys) and lab (computer-based habitat suitability exercises, solving conservation problems) components. The formal education program will take place during the first month and NN work the final 2 ½ months, with some overlap. This work involves lots of driving in a metro area setting. Project vehicle and housing allowance included. Salary $1,800-$2,200/month depending on experience. Please send cover letter, CV, and the names and updated contact information of three references. For the Washington, DC area, send to Bob Reitsma, by March 5, 2018. For Springfield, MA, send to Susannah Lerman, Please give an estimate of how many birds you have banded unassisted. Applications which do not include this estimate will not be processed.
All work REQUIRES an ability to capture, color-band, age, sex, and measure birds unassisted as well as communicate ecological topics to a wide range of ages. Applicants MUST have extensive experience setting up mist nets, removing captured birds unassisted, and recording/entering data METICULOUSLY. Resighting color banded birds, conducting point count censuses and vegetation sampling, sampling of blood, feather, and toenail tissues also involved. Some training for the formal education work will be provided. The work requires an ability to work from early morning onward 6 days per week carrying out a wide variety of field tasks. Stand-out applicants will also have experience conducting public outreach activities and working cohesively as a crew member. Backyard activities will be conducted by paired teams whereas formal education events are conducted with program staff and volunteers.
Contact Person
Bob Reitsma or Susannah Lerman
Contact Phone
202-633-4186 or 413 545 5447
Contact eMail
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