University of Missouri
Ellington, Missouri
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
10.24/hour, 40 hours per week, 6 weeks
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project (MOFEP) is seeking 5 field assistants to work on a study of the effects of forest management on Neotropical Migrant birds from May 21 through June 29. Running continuously since 1991, the MOFEP bird study is a joint project involving researchers at the Missouri Department of Conservation, John Faaborg at the University of Missouri and Paul Porneluzi at Central Methodist University. The bird study is one component of this 100 year ecological experiment. Though the position is short term, it provides an opportunity to gain field experience in the Ozark region. This region contains one of the largest blocks of contiguous forest in the central United States and has been recognized as a globally important bird area.
Assistants should have experience identifying eastern North American forest birds by sight and sound and be able to conduct point counts over hilly terrain in the Missouri Ozark Mountains. Experience with nest searching and monitoring is also desirable. Pay is $10.24 per hour for this 6 week position. Housing and necessary field equipment provided. Applications due by APRIL 13, 2018, though early offers may be made for highly qualified candidates. To apply, please e-mail a letter and resume or CV describing your interest, experience, relevant coursework, qualifications and reference contact information to: Dr. Paul Porneluzi e-mail listed below. Subject = MOFEP Application
Contact Person
Dr. Paul Porneluzi
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