Black bear research coordinator – Georgia

University of Georgia
Athens/South Georgia
Job Category
Full time Positions
45 - 50k Depending on experience
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Research Coordinator will assist PIs Kohl and Bothwell with research planning, field work coordination, and database management related to the South Georgia Black Bear Project. The research coordinator will co-coordinate fieldwork activities with incoming PhD students examining the spatial and demographic conditions of bears in and around the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. The research coordinator will be expected to participate and live on-site for extended periods of time during the winter (~Jan – Mar) and summer months (~ May – Aug). Field housing on-site is provided. During these periods, the incumbent will assist in the management of field crews and co-oversee data collection related to black bear genetics (hair snares) and spatial distribution via camera trapping and radio-collaring. During non-field work seasons, the incumbent will maintain and organize detailed records and computer databases, and support ordering and inventory of project related supplies. Additional duties and opportunities may include outreach related activities and presentations, working with GIS data and geospatial analyses, and contributing to grant writing and publications. This project is funded for up to 5 years, renewable annually contingent on satisfactory performance by the employee.
The minimum qualification is a Bachelor of Science in wildlife biology, ecology, or a closely related field with two years of experience in 1) field work that includes the capture and handling of large mammals including wildlife immobilization, 2) field team coordination, and 3) database management. The preferred qualification includes all minimum qualifications but has completed a Masters of Science in wildlife biology, ecology, or a closely related field. Given that working with bears frequently involves high-profile and sensitive situations, demonstrated communication skills will be weighed heavily, in addition to professional references and other field experiences. Prior experience in large mammal handling and experience with chemical immobilization. Previous experience with wildlife camera trapping and/or hair snare efforts is also preferred. Previous experience coordinating field teams. Experience in R, GIS, and Microsoft Access is strongly recommended. Experience driving 4×4 trucks, UTVs, and boats is preferred.
Contact Person
Michel Kohl
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