Black Bear Technician: Georgia

University of Georgia
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Description: The UGA South Georgia Bear Project is looking to hire two highly motivated, detail-oriented individuals to assist with tasks related to bear research and management during summer 2023. This position will include both field work and office/data assignments. Technicians will assist a lead technician in capturing and monitoring black bears in and around the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Technicians will assist with 3 field components: 1) black bear capture, tagging, and radio-tracking, 2) wildlife camera trap deployment, maintenance, and photo tagging, and 3) summer hair snare work. Housing (a single shared camper for 3 people) and a work vehicle will be provided. This position will primarily consist of fieldwork with additional office/data assignments. Main duties will include studying black bears in activities related to bear research and management. This work will be rewarding and challenging. The position will often require the candidate to lift over 50 lbs and regularly work 12+ hour days in challenging conditions (i.e., swamps). This includes potential interactions with alligators, venomous snakes, and bears, in hot, humid, buggy conditions. If you are not comfortable in this environment, please do not apply. When not performing trapping duties, technicians will be responsible for deployment and maintenance of wildlife camera traps and hair snare efforts. The applicant must be able to work a flexible schedule, with weekends and holidays possible depending on weather and data collection needs. This position is expected to be a 40 hour/week position for ~14 weeks; however, weekly hours could range from 20-40+ hours. The applicant must be able to work well in a team setting and get along well with others as the chosen candidate will live alongside coworkers in close quarters. Given that working with bears frequently involves high-profile and sensitive situations, demonstrated communication skills will be weighed heavily, in addition to professional references and other field experiences. Preference will be given to applicants with prior experience in large mammal handling and experience with chemical immobilization. Previous experience with wildlife camera trapping and/or hair snare efforts is also preferred. Applications will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews as applications are received. The application period will close on March 24th, with an expected hire date as early as March 31st.
Qualifications: -Applicants must: • Be pursuing or have acquired a bachelor’s degree in wildlife or a related field • Be teachable and able to follow directions • Be able to remain calm in high pressure situations • Be organized and trustworthy • Be able to record detailed data and translate into electronic databases • Be self-driven with an ability to pay attention to detail • Be flexible (long days should be expected and weekend work will be required) • Be able to work with a positive attitude in challenging field conditions that may include inclement weather, heat, mosquitos, poisonous plants Preferred Qualifications: • Ability to safely operate a 4WD vehicle • Ability to run a chainsaw • Ability to drive with, hook up, and back a trailer • Preference will be given to applicants with prior experience in large mammal handling and experience with chemical immobilization. Driving Disqualification: This position will involve significant travel in the field. Thus, the employee must have a valid license in their possession while operating any vehicle on University business and be able to pass a Motor Vehicle Records Check performed by UGA Police. You are disqualified from driving for the University of Georgia, and thus ineligible for this position, if you meet any of the following criteria: A Driver who has had one of the following occurrences during the 24-month period preceding their use or request for use of a State of Georgia Vehicle, or a vehicle used for University business will be considered a “Disqualified Driver”: 1. Accumulating 10 or more points on his or her driving record, 2. Having an “at fault” motor vehicle accident within the six (6) months preceding an assignment to drive on University business, or 3. Having been convicted of one of the following offenses preceding an assignment to drive on University business: • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) • Driving Under the Influence Less Safe • Leaving the scene of an accident
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Alex Coombs
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