BLM- GIS Internship

Western Colorado Conservation Corps
Grand Junction field office or Lakewood State office
Job Category
$20.00/ hour
Last Date to Apply
Position Description/ Activities to be Performed: This position is located in the Division of Support Services, Branch of Information Services at the Colorado State Office (COSO) in Lakewood, Colorado or at the Grand Junction Field Office in Grand Junction, Colorado. The Branch of Information Services includes Geographic Sciences which provides statewide guidance and operational support for Geographic Information System (GIS), spatial database design, mobile data collection architecture and workflow support, and remote sensing/image processing. The Team also coordinates and provides training for these areas. MAJOR DUTIES In coordination with the State Geospatial Manager, the incumbent will • Provide operational support to various GIS projects which could include but not limited to static and web maps, data editing within enterprise geodatabases, scripting, analysis and other GIS related projects. • Generate/maintain digital geo-referenced spatial data (geospatial data) and evaluate it for spatial accuracy and source data consistency. • Generate, modify, and/or evaluate metadata for geospatial data. • Assist Field Offices in GIS database construction and maintenance. • Work with a diverse group of resource specialists, planners, and managers. FACTORS • Knowledge/Skills/Abilities required by the position (Minimum Qualifications) -Through a combination of education and/or experience; • demonstrated ability to use the current suite of ESRI GIS software and tools (ArcGIS Pro). • demonstrated ability to develop and analyze spatial information with GIS. • demonstrated practical knowledge of appropriate geodatabase design principles. • demonstrated knowledge of geographic projections, datums, and geospatial data. • Supervisory Guidance - Serves under the supervision and guidance of the State GlS Manager (or designated staff). Assignments are made with specific instructions as to what is to be done, time-frames, and priorities – and where aspects of the work are new or unusual, appropriate sources of information and instructions are specified. Personal initiative is used in carrying out recurring assignments without specific instructions, but advice is sought from the State GIS Manager or designated staff on unanticipated problems. Progress of the work is regularly monitored and evaluated for accuracy, timeliness and compliance with standards. • Complexity - This position involves technical geospatial work that requires an understanding of various processes and methods involving several stages. Decisions are made regarding what needs to be done based on an analysis of the subject under review and in accordance with the appropriate guidelines. • Scope and Effect - Performs work by carrying out a series of tasks and analysis for the prescribed project. The completed work influences decisions by managers and will be used to assist BLM managers in their functional responsibilities. • Contacts - Contacts are primarily with the COSO Geographic Sciences staff but will also require, on occasion, contact with a diverse group of resource specialists, planners, and managers at the COSO and in the Field Offices.
Minimum Qualifications: This project is suitable for youth working towards an undergraduate or graduate degree in or similar to Geographic Information Science or has graduated and earned a degree in a similar concentration. Applicants must also be able to pass a DOI security background check. Physical Requirements: The work requires long periods of time sitting and/or standing and concentrating to produce reliable products.
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Tiffany Weimer
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