BLM- Lands and Realty Internship

Western Colorado Conservation Corps
Grand Junction, CO
Job Category
$16 to $20 per hour
Last Date to Apply
Position Description/ Activities to be Performed: The primary duties for the lands and realty technician Intern would include the following: Duties include • Gathering, analyzing, and processing lands and realty related information • Reviewing, organizing, and updating land and realty records • Conducting compliance inspections and monitoring on rights-of-ways, communication sites, and land tenure parcels (includes basic plant identification, site stability assessment, and other similar assessments), etc. • Filing, collecting, entering, updating and maintaining data according to Bureau and program standards, as well as digitizing records • Preparing reports and maps • Responding to public and internal inquiries regarding realty matters on public lands • Assisting with calculating and determining lands and realty cost recovery and rental, and project monitoring on a variety of lands and realty actions including rights-of-ways, communication sites, land acquisitions and disposals, Recreation and Public Purposes actions, exchanges, permits, leases, withdrawals, and trespasses. • Assisting with screening applications and developing draft environmental planning internal scoping documents.
Minimum Qualifications: The applicant should have completed at least two years towards a college degree with courses in programs such as: natural resources, environmental studies, environmental law, environmental studies, ecology, soils, and geography (GIS). Applicants should be able to work well independently and as part of a team. The applicant should have good computer skills, including ArcMAP/ArcGIS Pro and MS Office suite. The applicant should be familiar with GPS map reading, using tablets to collect field data. Applicant should be able to navigate and orient themselves in the field using GPS, maps, and aerial photos. Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and be able to maneuver on 4wheel drive roads and will need a competed Government security background check. The applicant will need to be able to complete first aid and CPR certifications. Physical Requirements: Most work will be completed in the office environment; however, the position will require some field work. The applicant should be physically able to complete full days of rigorous fieldwork that includes hiking long distances (5+ miles) in rough and steep terrain. The applicant must be able to work and hike cross-country in inclement weather conditions (20 – 100+ degrees Fahrenheit).
Contact Person
Tiffany Weimer
Contact Phone
Contact eMail
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