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Chicago Botanic Garden
Taos, NM
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This Botanist role is a contract-funded position through May 17, 2024, stationed at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) New Mexico, Taos Field Office in New Mexico, NM. The botanist will support the operational objectives of the Aquatic Habitat Management Program (AHM) and the Plant Conservation and Restoration Program. A main goal of the AHM is ensuring that the natural integrity of aquatic ecosystems is protected, restored, and managed in an ecologically sound manner. The Taos Field Office requires a botanist to identify plant species and complete vegetation monitoring to achieve AHM program goals. The position will be focused on performing botanical and habitat surveys, compiling and analyzing survey data, preparing survey reports, and assisting with preparing supporting NEPA documents. A small portion of time will be spent assisting with general housekeeping and logistics of AHM. The Botanist will also assist with other AHM data collection and report preparation as needed. Physical demands of this position include carrying heavy loads over challenging terrain, river rafting/kayaking, working in a variety of environmental conditions (heat, cold, storms). Responsibilities: - Completing field-based tasks such as vegetation monitoring, water quality monitoring, and voucher specimen collection - Updating and maintaining State and Field Office datasets - Performing database queries in response to questions and briefing requests - Preparing technical reports, and other program data coordination as needed - Working with BLM field office staff to fill data deficiencies in field data forms - Running reports of program data for BLM AHM staff - Preparing botanical outreach materials - Assisting with the tracking of rare plants as needed - Creating and managing geospatial layers compatible with BLM geospatial files - Assisting with preparing supporting NEPA documents - Performing botanical surveys, compiling and analyzing survey data, preparing survey reports, assisting with preparing supporting NEPA documents - Performing simple GIS tasks - Assisting BLM staff with implementing program activities
- Bachelor of science in botany, plant science, ecology, environmental science, or a related field - Knowledge of the flora of the southwestern US - Proficiency in dichotomous key use - Experience with plant population monitoring - Experience working with large data sets - Experience using ArcGIS to create maps and perform geospatial analysis - Excellent organization skills and ability to handle several projects and deadlines at once - Experience documenting work-flows and processes, thorough note-taking - Experience writing concise narrative technical reports and summaries in a timely manner - Self-starter, independent worker, able to learn quickly and adapt to challenges
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Chris Woolridge
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