Breeding Bird Surveyor-Virginia

Western Ecosystems Technology, Inc.
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$13-16/ per hour DOE
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Start Date: May 20 - 30, 2018 (earlier preferred) - June 30, 2018 (with possibility of extension on other Projects for skilled technicians). WEST has an opening for a biological field technician in Pualski County, Virginia. The technician will be involved in breeding bird surveys. Successful candidates must be able to live and work in a remote field setting, work well independently, and follow field and data entry protocols. Job duties require use of Global Positioning System devices, and the ability to identify all regional birds by both sight and sound. An average workweek may include 30-45 hours (time and a half paid after 40 hours), though fieldwork may require shorter or longer hours some weeks, depending on the project and seasonal workloads. A hotel room will be provided during surveys. Vehicle will be provided or mileage will be reimbursed. GPS units and other field equipment will be provided; however, field technicians must be equipped with suitable footwear (rugged hiking boots or steel-toed boots) and clothing (long pants and shirts with sleeves). The technician will need to do two rounds of surveys with one other biologist, conducting surveys daily between May 27 and finishing by June 30, each round of surveys at each point being at least 15 days apart. The technician will be on site ready to conduct surveys from 30 minutes prior sunrise until 10:30 AM (approximately a 4 hour 40 min survey window to do point counts daily) plus drive time to and from the Project. Each point count will be 5 minutes long, each point will be 500 m apart in rugged terrain, and the biologist will need to walk between each point recording any avian SGCN heard/seen incidentally along the way. There is also the option to do driving northern saw-whet owl playback surveys in the evenings. Successful candidates must be able to pass a background check; a pre-employment drug screen; and a DMV records check that meets WEST’s minimum criteria to operate a motor vehicle on behalf of the company. A valid driver’s license will be required. Candidates must adhere to all health and safety requirements. WEST is an employee owned organization with a tradition of professional integrity dedicated to a family atmosphere and a diverse workforce. Applicants can submit a cover letter, resume, and three references here:
Bachelor’s degree in natural resources, wildlife management, wildlife biology or equivalent degree preferred. Undergraduates and other enthusiastic workers are encouraged to apply. Must be able to work independently and in small groups, and interact positively with project managers, clients, landowners, and other technicians. Candidates must have bird identification experience. Applicants must be in good physical shape and able to hike throughout the day. Surveys will be conducted in locations where temperatures and conditions can be extreme. Skilled use of topographic maps, aerial photography, compass, GPS unit, and other field equipment, is required.
Contact Person
Larisa Bishop-Boros
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