California Wildlife Photo Tagging Volunteer: Remote

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
California, Remote
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) collects camera trap data from sites across North Central California's valleys, foothills, and mountains. These images are used to evaluate wildlife activity on CDFW lands, with a current focus on large mammals like deer, pronghorn, and elk. As we continue to accumulate images from nearly a dozen different sites, assistance is necessary to ensure recent observations are cataloged. As a volunteer photo tagger, you'll use Wildlife Insights (WI) to identify species photographed in camera trap images, gaining experience in one of the most popular forms of wildlife research today. You'll uncover unique and exciting wildlife photos in a variety of habitats from the comfort of home. Work on your own schedule and develop contacts within the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. We look forward to meeting you!
Required • Possess or be working towards a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Biology or a related field • Access to a laptop or computer with reliable internet • Good communication skills • Willingness to attend virtual training session (up to 1 hour via Microsoft Teams) • Self-motivated Preferred - • Knowledge of and familiarity with California wildlife • Experience with image tagging • Familiarity with Wildlife Insights To apply, please complete the application: Qualified applicants will be contacted via email to attend a virtual training session.
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Region 2 Conserved Lands Program
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