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A Place Beyond offers in-person learning communities for college students pursuing their degrees online, providing room, board, and personalized mentorship. Our campuses are in beautiful natural areas yet close to urban amenities. 
 Most college students rate the in-person social experience as the most impactful part of their college experience. And yet, colleges often neglect this aspect of student life. APB provides a connected, intentional living and learning environment for students studying or working remotely.
 Participants spend the semester living and working in a small group of 60 participants and 6 staff at a repurposed summer camp or outdoor school. Day to day, participants pursue their degrees from their different schools and receive quality meals.
APB is seeking site team members, including instructors, campus directors, and guest mentors.
 Instructors provide mentorship for the participants, helping them set academic, professional, and personal goals. 
 Campus directors manage the team and ensure all the different and disparate parts of the campus work in concert. Guest mentors are less guest lecturers and more artist-in-residence. We've had guests come for 2 weeks or 4 weeks this fall. Participants and instructors co-create a governance structure and a positive learning environment. Together they plan and implement all different parts of campus life. 
 We're partnering with the Morehead Cain Scholarship at UNC, KIPP NJ, and others to provide an exceptional in-person experience in the midst of the global pandemic.
 To give a full sense of what an instructor at APB Please read our impact statement linked below.
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