Captina Watershed Coordinator

Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District
St. Clairsville Ohio
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$17.00 Per Hour
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The Captina Creek Watershed Coordinator is responsible in part for the facilitation of watershed protection and restoration goals within the Captina Creek watershed. The coordinator will be challenged to network with federal, state and local agencies as well as non-profit organizations and local citizens to develop effective watershed management strategies for Captina Creek. Also, the coordinator will be responsible for seeking sustainable funding from various entities for continued support of the position. Additionally there is a watershed education component to the position with the goal of promoting best management practices for maintaining clean lakes, rivers and streams. An effective watershed coordinator exhibits an outgoing, friendly personality, is excellent at communicating ideas to different audiences and enjoys networking between different agencies for support. Duties & Responsibilities · Complete updates to the Captina Creek Watershed Action Plan on behalf of the Belmont Soil & Water Conservation District and County Commissioners, and submit the document to Ohio Department of Agriculture for endorsement. · Prepare grant applications to secure funding for carrying out watershed projects, including project implementation and oversight, record keeping and reporting. · Develop local support and partnership to ensure long-term sustainability of the watershed coordinator position. · Serve as primary liaison between the Captina Conservancy, state and local agencies, watershed protection groups, landowners, watershed stakeholders, scientific community, and other interests throughout the watershed. · Help promote and implement urban/agriculture/forestry conservation practices to support the goals outlined in the watershed action plan. · Develop and implement a watershed-focused education/information program including public speeches, newsletter publications, distribution of press releases, school presentations and special promotional events for the watershed. · Attend relevant watershed training opportunities including but not limited to Ohio Watershed Academy and OWLS conference. Supervision & Training The Captina Creek watershed coordinator is directly responsible to the Belmont SWCD Board of Supervisors and shall be subject to carrying out duties assigned by the Board. Day-to-day activities are under the supervision of the Belmont SWCD District Administrator. The Captina Watershed Coordinator will be responsible for developing their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules with a minimum of assistance. Schedules will be coordinated with other District personnel at weekly staff meetings. Direction and Supervision from the Belmont SWCD Board will be provided through regular and special meetings, oral and written instructions. The coordinator's work shall be reviewed through meetings, monthly reports, and observations to determine the quality and effectiveness of their work. The District Administrator and Board of Supervisors will conduct annual evaluations. Salary and Compensation Funding for this position is grant based and the watershed coordinator will be directly involved in the application for funds to continue this position. Benefit package consists of District paying: Health Insurance Coverage and Prescription Drug Coverage with your contribution paid on pre-tax basis Or A cash option up to $1000 per year in lieu of medical coverage. Additional benefits include: Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance protection of $15,000. Delta Dental Insurance Plan VSP Vision Service Plan Public Employment Retirement System (The District will contribute 14% and the employee will contribute 10% of their earnable salary). Medicare Workers Compensation Unemployment Compensation Eleven Paid Holidays per calendar year Annual leave of 2 weeks for first 5 years, 3 weeks through 10 years, 4 weeks through 20 years, and 5 weeks beyond 20 years. Sick leave accumulating at 4.6 hours for each 80 hours of service. Compensatory Time (1.5 times) for hours worked beyond 40 in a week.
The qualified watershed coordinator should possess the following: · A Bachelor's degree in Environmental or Agricultural Sciences or Communications. · Some familiarity with issues affecting water quality in the Captina Creek watershed including: water quality, erosion and sedimentation, agricultural/forestry/urban BMPs, septic systems and preservation, etc · Experience with managing public relations and, organizing and leading public meetings. · Training or experience writing and researching grant proposals · Effectively coordinate a complex multi-organizational project using time management skills, delegation and multi-tasking. · Must be able to type proficiently, to read and understand technical documents, to write and keep records, and to communicate well, both written and orally, with individuals, landowners, staff, agency personnel, government officials. · Proficient with Microsoft Office Professional software including Excel spreadsheets/database; Experience with ArcView GIS a plus. · Pass random drug and alcohol testing. · Must have a valid driver’s license and proof of automobile insurance.
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Hannah Ulrich
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