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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Research and management questions often focus on obtaining robust (i.e., unbiased and precise) estimates of various demographic parameters about wildlife populations. Estimates of abundance, density, population growth, state transition rates, and vital rates can provide valuable insights into changes to population status as well as their drivers. Among the most popular and diverse approaches to estimating such parameters includes a suite of sampling and analytical methods known as capture-mark-recapture (or several similar terms). This class will focus on providing a solid foundation to using these techniques to answer a broad range of ecological and management-related questions. We emphasize asking good questions, identifying appropriate sampling methods rooted in animal behavior and ecology, and choosing the right analytical techniques. With these in mind, we will analyze example datasets using both 'canned' (MARK) and command-line software (R) during online lectures and practical exercises. FORMAT: This is a 1-credit equivalent academic course (16 contact hrs + additional work) where you learn at your own pace over 3 months. You have two options when enrolling in this course: (1) Instructor support. Reach out to your instructor over a 1-month period to get help as you work through prerecorded lectures, problem sets, and your own personal work. You then have access to the course for an additional 2 months. Instructor support includes emailing your instructor, accessing live discussion threads, and scheduling one-on-one appointments (Zoom or phone) about course material, your research, datasets from work, etc. You MUST select this option if you want to take the course for academic credit at your home institution or you would like to work with an instructor on a dataset from school or work. (2) No instructor support. Sign up anytime over a 3-month period and learn at your own pace as you work through prerecorded lectures and problem sets. Be aware that at any time during the first month, you may upgrade to receive Instructor support. INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Jeff Stetz DATES: March 1 - May 31, 2023 COST: Instructor support Early bird course fee (ends February 1): $500 professional / $400 student Regular course fee (after February 1): $550 professional / $450 student No instructor support Early bird course fee (ends February 1): $375 professional / $275 student Regular course fee (after February 1): $400 professional / $300 student Additional Information ESA and TWS Continuing Education Credit: included for FREE Contact us about group rates and private training options
PREREQUISITES: Introductory statistics; basic competence in R; and familiarity with logistic regression, population ecology, and animal behavior.
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