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Kanaan is one of the most beautiful and uniquely decorated landscapes found in the desert of Namibia, and is one that that plays home to a multitude and widely varied number of wildlife species. The vast open grasslands, towering mountain ranges, scattered Camel Thorn trees, and not to mention Namibia’s infamous red sand dunes, is what makes this diverse ecology a truly amazing desert oasis. Film-makers, photographers and holiday-makers alike have long recognised this desert gem for what it truly is, a natural masterpiece. Working in close proximity with the Reserve’s flagship animals: the Cheetah, the Spotted and Brown Hyena, Leopard, as well as a wide range of desert-adapted antelope, volunteers will have the chance to make a real and lasting difference to this wonderful and one-of-a-kind landscape. Time spent at the Kanaan Desert Reserve is time that is never wasted, and volunteers will be involved in a host of on-going research, data collection, tracking, monitoring, security and other essential conservation activities throughout their stay. In addition to these tasks, and others, volunteers will be charged with the care, feeding and food preparation for the two cheetah that live in the 7-hectare enclosure on the red sand dunes of Kanaan. These two carnivores were rescued from the throws of human-wildlife conflicts, and are a landmark for what the Reserve aims to achieve through its conservation and other restoration efforts. Night drives, anti-poaching patrols, sundowners and horseback riding are all part of your time experienced at Kanaan, and are essential to the continuous conservation efforts of Namibia’s diminishing wildlife.
Requirements Volunteers and students from all across the globe and from any age above 18 years old are welcome. You need to speak English while working on our sites. If English is not your first language, you should be able to speak it reasonably fluently. Training/qualifications Hiking and trekking the mountainous terrain make up a large part of the daily activities at Kanaan, and thus a good level of fitness is recommended. However, activities can be tailored to suit the fitness needs and levels of most people. Appropriate footwear is required. Rates Duration Fees 2 weeks & 2 days 22500 NDS 3 weeks & 2 days 30000 NDS 4 weeks & 2 days 37500 NDS 5 weeks & 2 days 45250 NDS 6 weeks & 2 days 52000 NDS
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