Catch Shares Fisheries Observer-Oregon

Alaskan Observers, Inc.
Astoria, OR & Coos Bay, OR
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Full time Positions
$3750/on average to begin, with raises at 4 and 8 months
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Are you looking for a financially rewarding career that offers independence, adventure and practical experience in field biology? Do you want to play a critical role in the conservation and management of fisheries resources? If so, then Alaskan Observers Inc. (AOI) has the perfect job for you! AOI is the premier provider of Fisheries Observers to the National Marine Fisheries Service. Observers live and work aboard commercial fishing vessels operating off the Oregon coast and gather data essential to the sustainability of west coast fisheries resources. Positions begin with a 3-week paid training in Newpor, OR 5/13/19. Observers can expect to be sampling at sea on average 15 days/month, gathering fishing effort and location information, sampling for bycatch composition, and collecting biological data from both bycatch and target species. While at sea, Observers live in extremely close quarters with commercial fishermen. When not at sea, Observers live in Coos Bay, OR and on-call 24/7. Shoreside tasks include; dock rounds, entering and editing data, debriefing, performing safety reviews, and contacting vessels to be observed. This job requires relocation, a vehicle, and cell phone. For questions about the job description and application process, please feel free to call: 888-317-9343. Fisheries Observing is a challenging and unique position. This is not a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job--rather, twelve to fourteen hour days are the rule. Gathering, sorting, and weighing a sample at sea is a physically demanding job, and recording the data gathered requires a biologist's attention to detail. The work is further complicated by the fact that observers and fisherman have different objectives--diplomatic efforts on the observer's part, aimed at securing a mutually agreeable working environment, are often part of the job.
Qualifications: •Completed Bachelor's degree with a major in a natural science such as Fisheries & Wildlife, Biology, Marine Science, Marine Biology, Ecology, etc. •A minimum of 30 credit hours in applicable biological sciences. •At least one course in both math and statistics. •Coursework that emphasized the use of dichotomous (taxonomic) keys. •Prior sea time preferred but not required
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Rachel Moore
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