CDFW Senior Environmental Scientist Water Rights and FERC

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Bishop, Inyo County, California
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$7,336.00 - $9,126.00 per Month
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ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The incumbent will act as the lead scientist for water rights function including review and resolution of petitions, protests, adjudications, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing issues and related projects. Conduct critical and sensitive scientific investigations and studies, research, and surveys to support program goals and projects outcomes. Complete lake and streambed alteration agreements, CESA permits, and other authorizations for water rights and FERC projects. Monitor projects and mitigation associated with water rights and FERC projects. Represent the Department on related technical and working groups. Develop and present materials for program outreach and education. Additionally, the incumbent will implement CESA for water use and management projects by coordinating review of projects affecting endangered species, reviewing project applications, assessing impacts and developing mitigation measures, and coordinating with US Fish and Wildlife Service. Attend site visits and meetings. Provide detailed technical analysis of projects and impacts, and preparation of CESA authorization ands associated with water management projects. Coordinate CESA authorizations with federal biological opinions and Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) for water management projects. Assist local jurisdictions and state and federal agencies in the development and implementation of water associated HCP’s. Work collaboratively with permittees and stakeholders to develop and/or implement these plans. Activities include document review and comment, data analysis, report preparation, field inspection, meeting attendance, preparing presentations, and administrative record preparation and maintenance. The incumbent will review and prepare comments for large scale, complex, and/or sensitive projects pertaining CEQA, National Environmental Policy Act, and other environmental documents documents for water management projects . Attend meetings and public hearings with lead agencies, consultants, public, and regulatory agencies. Coordinate analysis and correspondence with other appropriate CDFW staff. Communicate program processes and responsibilities to lead agencies, consultants, public, and regulatory agencies. Coordinate with lead and responsible agencies; and ensure CEQA compliance in applicable trustee, responsible and lead agency roles with a focus on projects within Inyo and Mono counties. Review, track, and prepare written comments on CEQA and related environmental documents including Notice of Exemptions, Notices of Determinations, Initial Studies, Negative Declarations and Environmental Impact Reports. Assist in preparing CEQA documents when CDFW is lead agency. Participate with other agencies and private parties in the development and implementation of avoidance, minimization and mitigation measures for fish and wildlife.
Required: bachelor's or advanced degree with a major in a biological, chemical, physical, or environmental science, soil science, water science, hydrology, agronomy, natural resource science, environmental or public health, physical geography, or a closely related scientific discipline. The Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) is the advanced journey level of the series. Incumbents independently identify problems, develop courses of action, and conduct critical and/or sensitive scientific investigations and studies and may prepare guidance, policy, planning, or regulatory documents and legislative proposals on issues of importance to the employer, and do other related work. Incumbents may be assigned lead responsibility for a specific project, program function, or area of expertise; may act as a mentor to lower level staff; and may act as consultants to other technical staff, management, and other agencies in those matters. To learn more about the Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist series, view: To apply follow instructions on this link: Fill out the State Application and submit resume, cover letter and transcripts.
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760 835 4304
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