Cheetah Rewilding Internship in South Africa

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South Africa
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Assist in hand-rearing captive bred cheetahs for release into the wild while ensuring the cheetahs are successfully rewilded and reintroduced into a protected wildlife reserve. Cheetahs have been successfully bred in captivity for decades but releasing them successfully into the wild has been much more difficult. As an intern for this project, you will be part of the only facility in the world that is successfully introducing cheetahs into the wild to increase the population. The scientists at this project have developed new and innovative methods to teach baby cheetahs to hunt, to avoid contact with potential threats, and have successfully released cheetahs into the wild and had them reproduce. With a global population of approximately 7,500 cheetahs and only 600 in South Africa, this program is crucial to helping bolster the natural population. This internship provides the opportunity to work with these magnificent animals while helping save the species from extinction. You will be helping with daily care of cheetahs, assisting with medical care and procedures, training them to hunt, and reintroducing cheetahs to wild areas. In addition, this facility houses other orphaned or injured African wildlife that will be released when healthy such as caracals, meerkats, and other African wildlife.
Enthusiastic about saving African wildlife and nature conservation. Good health and fair fitness. Work as a team with other fellow interns. How to Apply: Visit and fill out the "contact us" form.
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Earl Smith
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