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About Texas Wildlife Association The Texas Wildlife Association was formed in 1985 by a group of ranchers, wildlife managers and hunters dedicated to the conservation, management, and enhancement of wildlife and wildlife habitat on private lands. It is a not-for-profit membership association (a 501[c]4) governed by an Executive Committee on behalf of its roughly 200-member Board of Directors. In 1991 TWA's founders created a charitable foundation, the Texas Wildlife Association Foundation (a 501[c]3 organization) to help fund the organization's education and conservation initiatives and ensure a legacy of conservation and the heritage of hunting through education. The Foundation is governed by a separate Board of Trustees. TWA’s mission is to serve Texas wildlife and its habitat, while protecting property rights, hunting heritage, and the conservation efforts of those who value and steward wildlife resources. The organization has grown to a membership of over 7,000 with more than 1,725 active as volunteers. TWA's members are stewards of millions of acres of farms, ranches and forest lands that are key components of Texas' outdoor heritage, providing wildlife habitat and other natural resources that support the economy and quality of life for all Texans. TWA has three main program areas: Conservation Legacy (youth and adult education), Hunting Heritage (Texas Youth Hunting Program and Texas Big Game Awards), and Issues and Advocacy. For additional information on TWA see and Position summary The Chief Executive Officer will be the top staff executive of TWA. He or she is responsible for its management, its member relations, and its external relationships. The CEO also serves as Chief Executive of the Foundation and as Executive Editor of Texas Wildlife magazine. The person holding the position of CEO is ratified by approval action of the Executive Committee (on behalf of the Board of Directors), based on recommendation of a search committee that is appointed by the sitting TWA President. Primary responsibilities • Communicate effectively both internally and externally and serve as chief spokesman for the Association. • Represent TWA in all appropriate forums and direct its marketing and public relations activities to raise its profile and build support. • Develop and recommend to the Executive Committee long range plans and all major policies of the Association. • Serve as the liaison between the Executive Committee/Board of Directors and the staff; direct staff support of the volunteer leadership's activities and ensure that volunteer time and strengths are effectively used for both sides. • Lead TWA's representation on state and federal legislative and regulatory matters; develop and maintain appropriate relationships with legislators, regulators, other associations, and others who can be helpful to TWA. • Build and maintain strong working relationships, partnerships, and coalitions with other organizations to accomplish shared goals. • Lead the development and delivery of services and activities which meet the needs of Texas wildlife managers and landowners, and which develop and support public interest in the Texas outdoor heritage. • Lead the recruitment, servicing, and retention of a strong and growing membership base. • Take the leadership role in identifying and cultivating fundraising and sponsorship prospects. • Recruit, train, and retain first-class employees; manage them effectively, empowering them and providing the support, resources, and direction they need to accomplish TWA's objectives. • Prepare the annual plan and budget for the Executive Committee's approval, manage the implementation on the revenue and expense sides, and ensure the organization's fiscal responsibility. • Ensure that TWA continues to have the best systems and technology to support the organization and its activities.
Ideal experience • Education: this job requires organizational, analytical and communications skills normally acquired through the completion of a bachelor's degree; graduate studies in a relevant field would be a plus. • Career background: at least 10 years of relevant work experience, including at least 5 years in a leadership or senior management position with comparable staff and budget, setting strategic direction, and planning and executing its implementation is required. Non-profit or membership association experience would be a plus, as would experience in managing telecommuting/contract staff in key functions. • Experience in working with a strong volunteer board, motivating and managing volunteers, and recruiting, servicing, and maintaining membership is a strong plus • Candidates must have excellent communications skills, both oral and written, and proven effectiveness in making presentations. • Management acumen (including finance/budget, human resources, and operations) and bottom line orientation are essential for this position. • Proven development experience, including strong major donor relationships, is highly desirable. • Candidates should be knowledgeable about and share TWA members' passionate commitment to wildlife, private land stewardship, and preserving the Texas outdoor heritage for future generations. • This position will require significant travel and participation in weekend events. Ideal personal profile • A visionary leader who can guide TWA's growth and development in all program areas while serving the Board’s and the membership’s interests effectively. • A team builder who can effectively recruit, retain and motivate a staff of 20-30 people working across various programs. • A conscientious manager with the ability to balance and prioritize the needs of all program areas at TWA in addition to the operational tasks such as finances/budgeting, membership recruitment and retention, website and technology needs and staff development. • A leader who understands how to recruit, develop and manage the contributions of a strong volunteer board and a large volunteer contingent whose time and efforts are vital to the success of TWA and can effectively manage the dynamic between permanent staff members and volunteers. • An entrepreneurial individual who will recognize and capitalize on TWA's opportunities for growth, both internal and external. • An informed and politically astute person. • A strong communicator with the ability to develop and convey a vision for TWA's future. • An individual with a thorough personal understanding of Texas' land, water and wildlife who can be articulate and passionate about the TWA mission and issues and who appreciates that the organization has a unique opportunity to play a leadership role in the future of natural resource policy. • An outstanding individual with the character, integrity, experience, and judgment to represent TWA effectively to its membership, legislators and regulators, partner organizations, and the public. How to apply To apply or inquire further, contact Tom Vandivier at Resumes and cover letters due by June 30, 2021.
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