Chief Ranger-Ohio

Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District
Lima, Ohio
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Classification The Chief Ranger position is an upper level management position within the Ranger Department of the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District. The Chief Ranger oversees the daily operations of the Ranger Department and ensures smooth, effective operations. Illustrative Duties 1) Shall promptly execute all directives of the Park Director/Deputy Director and issue such orders to the Ranger Department as may be required for proper law enforcement duties. 2) Patrol park areas and trails by motor vehicle, bicycle, and foot. 3) Communicate with the general public in regards to law enforcement and the protection of resources in Allen County. 4) Implement, update, and maintain risk management plan. 5) Perform in-service training; recruit, orient, and train additional law enforcement personnel, as required. 6) Perform accurate record keeping, chain of evidence procedures, and maintain/update Ranger policy and procedures manual as needed. 7) Maintain professional working relationships with staff, volunteers, and other agency personnel. 8) Liaison for inter-staff communications regarding all aspects of safety services. 9) Maintain an active alliance with professional law enforcement authorities and participate in programs for the mutual improvement of proficiency in combating crime and traffic problems. 10) Deal with all members of the general public in a professional and courteous manner. Attend community and other meetings as assigned. 11) Develop or adopt new techniques to improve the effectiveness in the discharge of primary law enforcement obligations of the Ranger Department. 12) All other duties as assigned by the Director/Deputy Director.
Qualifications 1) A minimum Associate’s Degree in a Natural Resources related field (Bachelor’s Degree preferred) or five (5) years equivalent experience. 2) Must be certified through OPOTA and maintain certification/training each year. 3) Interested in the mission of the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District, and willingness to convey support for that mission to the public. 4) Thorough understanding of the criminal justice system, Park District Rules and Regulations, Chapter 1545 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), local and state laws (criminal and wildlife). 5) Knowledge of modern office equipment including Computers, Internet, GPS, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) 6) Knowledge of ecosystems in Ohio, particularly Allen County, and the management issues surrounding them. 7) Must maintain the highest ethical standards of professional and personal conduct, and present a professional law enforcement appearance. 8) Must demonstrate trust, openness, reliability, integrity, and credibility. 9) Demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills including conflict resolution, team building, problem solving and the ability to relate to all people. 10) Employee must be 21 years of age with a clean felony record. 11) Must be able to pass a pre-employment background check, drug test and other relevant screenings prior to assuming job duties. Certificates or Licenses 1) Ohio Peace Officer Certification. (OPOTA) 2) A valid Ohio Driver’s License in combination with a good driving record. 3) Current certification in First Aid and CPR Special Requirements 1) Physical demands are essential to successful performance of job duties a. Ability to pass the OPOTA fitness standards annually. b. Office work c. Exposure to a broad range of outdoor weather conditions, including wet, windy and/or humid conditions and temperatures below 32 degrees and above 100 degrees for periods of more than an hour. d. Ability to stoop, stand, or sit for long periods. e. Ability to carry 50 pounds for long distances. 2) Ability to write and speak the English language in a fluent and effective manner. 3) Knowledge and experience in operation and maintenance of equipment, vehicles, etc. 4) Ability to work weekends, evenings and night shift as necessary. 5) Vacation time regardless of the time of year, shall be scheduled so as not to interfere or coincide with special events, additional responsibilities, etc.
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Tyler Black
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